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Today we embrace randomness.

This week has been an eclectic collection of different types of posts, so I thought I’d wrap up the week with this article.

11.  That’s the number of nights until our family will be leaving on furlough.

We’ll spend 101 nights away from home.

Twice.  Twice in the last few weeks someone has made utterly ridiculous accusations about me.  I was accused of eating someone’s intestines and also of spraying dinosaur blood on someone.  Witchcraft is a big deal here.

I had one time this week when someone in my office used a small stick to clean his ear wax.  His hand was used to clean the stick.  FYI, different cultures have different personal boundaries and acceptable actions.

On Wednesday night this week, someone asked us to pray for the liver at their neighbor’s house.  Apparently, a human liver was left at the house and no one knows whose it is and where it came from.  I find that to be a little strange.  I once left my shoes at someone’s house, but never a liver. 

Sugar. Sugar is the big news in town.  After three weeks when there was no sugar available in the country, we witnessed some interesting ‘riots’ as people tried to get one of the available bags of sugar.

My daughter has one day left of kindergarten.  My wife deserves 100,000 thanks for successfully completing her first year as a homeschooling mom.  The unfortunate thing about my daughter’s pending graduation from kindergarten is that there are now two women in my home who can spell better than me.

I need giving stories. On Fridays, I’d like to post giving stories.  If you have a story about how someone blessed you or you blessed someone else, then let me know (mhforc at gmail.com).

$315.  That’s how much my internet bill was for April.  For that $315, I got 80 hours online.  Those 80 hours would translate into about 30-40 since the internet moved no faster than a blazing snail.

8.  Once a few years ago, when I was in a local village, I counted them put eight teaspoons of sugar into my tea. The worst part is that I caught the repeating motion out of the corner of my eye, and so I didn’t even start counting from the beginning. 

P4240164 P4240167

It’s seriously amazing how people here wash dishes at our church camp.  They keep their legs straight and bend at the waist.  (They also pull weeds like this.)  I prefer the crouching method.  However, when I get really lucky, I get to stand up and dry dishes.  BTW, I’m the guy in the picture on the right (above).  I have a hat, brown pants, and a blue shirt.  Want to guess which child is my daughter?

Speaking of pants.  I only own five pairs of pants.  I’m getting ready for furlough and finding that I’m either going to look like a full-time backpacker, or I’ll need to do some clothes shopping.

Tragically, last week I spilled ketchup on my only pair of jeans (yes, one of my five pairs of pants).

I have one pair of shorts that doesn’t have a stain.  The rest do. I need new shorts before I go on furlough  -unless someone can confirm that stains are in style in the USA and Canada.


These ladies are peeling veggies for meals.  I got stuck with breakfast duty on Sunday morning.  A 4:45 wakeup call.  Insane.  If I ever catch the guy who made up the schedule, I’m going to have a few choice words for him.  By the way, the schedule creator was Uncle Me.


Nathan is showing us the proper way to scrape a coconut.  The last time I tried to do it I cut my hand.  I guess people don’t typically eat their coconut juice with blood in it. 


My family likes joining me at a local village church.  Everyone else looks like they’re doing something very spiritual, but my son is being a goofball.  They may even be praying.  In that case, I wonder if I took this picture with my eyes open or closed.

As abruptly as it began, so also does it end.

The end of randomness.

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    • says

      When Jeri proof read this she kept laughing. We didn’t know if it would translate to people who have never been to PNG. I guess at least we know that those who have can appreciate its humor.

  1. Venessa says

    It does translate! I have never been there, but this made me laugh! Very interesting too! I guess if you have rationed sugar it doesn’t make you use small amounts to conserve the precious commodity! They believe in SWEET tea! haha

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