Pushing the Frugality Limit | What Do You Do to Save?

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Usually I don’t suggest buying something just because it’s a good deal.  Most of us have garage sales full of things we bought because they were a good deal.

However, the other day I discovered one of the best deals I’ve seen in a long time.

It was a pair of zip off ExOfficio hiking pants at a second hand store.

Now these weren’t just ExOfficio pants, but they were part of the BuzzOff brand that has insect repellent in the fabric.  Those kinds of pants really come in handy in Papua New Guinea.

On the ExOfficio website, these pants start at $95.

The pants were on a clearance rack for 25 cents.

I was expecting that I’d find some huge tear or a large stain, as that is usually how clothes end up on clearance racks at second hand stores.  But these pants had nothing wrong with them.

Then I saw something that made my heart sink – they were actually woman’s pants.

Still, I did what most of you would consider unthinkable – I tried them on.  With the exception of the fly zipper being backwards, they actually fit me pretty well.  (I don’t know what that says about my figure.  Hmmm…).

Would you buy a pair of $95 pants for 25 cents?  I did.  Now the only question is: should I sell them on eBay or wear them myself?

What things do you do to push the frugality limit that others might consider silly or beyond the limit?


  1. Jessica says

    I too have recently found some great articles of clothing at the Salvation Army! I am a Frugal Fashionista and a Extreme Coupon Chic! Have started a coupon crew with a few of my relatives and we have organized Krazy Coupon Lady Binders and getting the things we need close to free. My mission is to create such a stock pile that I can help out members of my church and others in the community!

  2. Sun says

    If I were in Papua New Guinea, I would prefer insect repellent pants over non. I wouldn’t care if they were men or women’s… I’d prioritize having less bites on me. :) The way I like to think about it is… where is our heart? If we pay $0.25 for those pants, where do the savings go? Does God’s money go towards furthering God’s mission of spreading the gospel? Or does it go towards buying yet another material creature comfort? If it is the latter, does it matter then if we buy $0.25 pants or $25 pants?

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