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Just a quick note to let everyone know that the special launch price for my eBook is increasing today.  Purchase The Secret to a Successful Budget today, and you will save 30%.

The cost of the book will increase at midnight tonight (EST).save 30%

To my regular readers, I want to apologize that over the last 10 days I haven’t written about anything other than budgeting and my budget book.  However, I do want to let visitors to this site know about the eBook promotion.  Thanks for your patience.


  1. Margaret Lind says

    Regarding The Secret to a Successful Budget: I highly recommend this book for ANYONE having financial difficulties! (That should be a lot of people…)

    Here’s what happened to me (and by me)…
    After approximately 10 years of being deeply in debt — a failed (and stupid) business attempt, no Medicare supplemental insurance for my husband, who was rapidly aging, and other factors, such as ignorance of the value of a budget, and uncontrolled spending HABITS — he died.

    I think we had about $128 in the bank at the end of a month, and no future income for me for a period of six or seven months.

    Fortunately, as a believer, I was able to survive by selling my husband’s guns, vehicles, motorcycle everything (except bikes), and other items, such as car manuals, etc. Then, as I began to receive his survivor benefits (75% of what we had been living on…), I could see I wasn’t going to make it. I took all the steps to begin the preparations to declare bankruptcy and had all the papers read to mail to the lawyer, when I learned that I would inherit what was to me a very large sum of money from my father’s estate. Praise God!

    Some time passed, and then the money came, and I began paying off all our outstanding debts, and of course, after so many years of living in poverty, I needed everything!

    Once the spigot got turned on, it was hard to turn it off. What was a necessity and what was not? How much should I save, give, spend?

    I was able to invest a portion of the money, but frankly, it is only now, nine months later, that I see the necessity to actually read Craig Ford’s book on creating a lasting and “successful” budget. That would be today.

    So working through all of my thinking and figuring and how to live within my means, but also save more money for my future needs as well, I do wish I had read this book in about January!

    However, you always have to start where you are… So here I am today, telling you, if you’re struggling financially, this is a great book! Christian-oriented, but not so much that it should deter anyone from gaining all the good ideas and suggestions in the book!

    I am happy to report that a “preliminary” budget was created today, and while I know I will be “fine-tuning” it from now on, I feel so relieved that I have finally bitten the bullet on my spending. I also have learned today that I’m not so bad off as I think… I’m not used to having money to spend and spending still seems a bit “wrong” to me… So I’m relieved for several reasons.

    I’ll be continuing to read and re-read this book for some time!

    So if you’re out there, and can’t think what else to do, I think anyone could learn something by reading this book!!!

    I give it FIVE STARS!!!

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