PNG Pictures and Roundup

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I just finished up doing a newsletter report for our work in PNG so I thought I’d pass along a few of those pictures before sharing some recommended articles.


This is me with my son.  I was getting ready to do a 35th wedding anniversary speech for a couple.


Visiting with one of my teammates.


Friends from church at a potluck.


Roy preparing for his baptism.


Kids from church.

Article Roundup

KNS Financial – Identity Theft and Facebook

Oblivious Investor – What Makes Vanguard Unique?

Bible Money Matters – How to Start Your Budget from Scratch

One Money Design – How Much to Save for Retirement

Christian PF – Loving God More Than Money

Sweating the Big Stuff – One Dollar Rule

Personal Finance By The Book – Failure – The Pathways to Success

Experimental Theology – Thoughts on Church Giving

Faith and Finance – How We Made $240 With Our Garage Sale

Deliver Away Debt – Avoid ATM Fees

Gather Little By Little – The Anatomy of a Craigslist Scam

Five Cent Nickel – Are Scholarship Taxable?

Redeeming Riches – Are You Still Chasing the American Dream? STOP

The Simple Dollar – Taco Bell’s Beef Problem

Money Mavens

Green Panda Treehouse – Are Credit Cards Good or Bad?

Military Wallet – Is it Practical to Live Without Debt?

Joe TaxPayer – Roth In-Plan Rollover

Monevator – How Much Should You Fear Inflation?

Wealth Pilgrim – 7 Proven Credit Builders

Canadian Finance Blog – How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Len Penzo – How Misplaced Priorities Lead to Lame Financial Excuses


Carnival of Money Stories, Carnival of Money Stories, Carnival of Money Stories

Carnival of Wealth, Carnival of Wealth

Personal Finance Carnival

Festival of Frugality, Festival of Frugality, Festival of Frugality, Festival of Frugality

Canadian Finance Carnival, Canadian Finance Carnival

Carnival of Personal Finance, Carnival of Personal Finance, Carnival of Personal Finance

Best of Money Carnival, Best of Money Carnival

Carnival of Taxes


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