Pay Off Debt Without Earning More, Changing Your Habits, or Spending Less

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I hope you opened this article simply because you decided that I’ve had some type of mental breakdown.  The truth is you can’t pay off debt using the method in the title.

I was driving around in my car the other day and there was an advertisement for a weight loss pill or drink mix.  The ad promised that you could lose weight without exercising and without eating less.


There should be some way to make such a promise illegal.  What was most upsetting to me about the ad is that I know the company is running those ads because people are actually buying the product.

We’re Fools for the Easy Way Out

There are rare bottom dwellers who create certain fantasy worlds and try to capitalize on our struggles.

People do it with debt too.

They tell us we can get out of debt without working more.  We can get out of debt without changing our habits.  We can get out of debt without spending less.

That is a lie.

Here’s a simple math equation. (I hope it’s honest and not discouraging)

How long did it took you to get into debt x 3 = how long (or more) it will take you to get out of debt.

It is indeed possible to get out of debt.

There is a way to live debt free, but it does require changes.

There’s not a gimmick that will get you out of debt.  There is not a fad that will help.  There is truth and there is effort.

For some of you, it will be possible to get out of debt by focusing on earning more.  For some, you will be able to get out of debt by spending less.  For some of you, you’ll need to do both.

Either way, something must change.

A book won’t solve the debt problem.  A blog won’t solve your debt problem.

You’ll solve your debt problem when you change the habits that led you into debt and when you change the habits that are keeping you in debt.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results.

There are a lot of insane people walking around this planet.

Just don’t be one of them.

Decide to change.  If you see an easy road out of debt, it will probably just lead you in a big circle and bring you back to where you started.


  1. says

    While eating lunch the other day a co-worker told me they pay $10,000 in property taxes per year. We just bought a short sale house and the taxes are $289 every 6 months. So we will be paying less than $600 per year. Our county is less expensive and we don’t live on the water. Our house is not a mansion but I have no desire to send that much money to the government and the utility company.

  2. says

    It’s true. Folks want to find the easy way out because they feel like they’ve tried the hard way and it didn’t work. We buy the lie that “there has to be an easier way”. Often times there is an “easier” way, but it’s not the lazy way.

    You’ve got the trifecta of what it takes for max change, but we can make it sightly easier by shifting only one of the sides. For example, the easy way to pay off debt faster without changing spending habits or spending less is to work more. Or we don’t need to work more or change habits, but we can tighten up the budget and spend a bit less.

    You just can’t do it without changing *anything*. Something’s gotta give.


  3. Libertino says

    Hi Craig,

    I just don’t know how to express how I felt when I came across your blog by accident (or by divine intervention???).

    Just two nights ago I couldn’t sleep at about 3am and was just thinking about my debt situation and wondered how on earth I could get out of my debts before the year ends. I felt so low. So I wrote a text msg to myself in a way of encouraging and exhorting myself with the following: “It’s 3:27am, just couldn’t sleep. Tried to establish what is really bothering me the most and came up with my debt situation. But it is now good that I’ve identified what has been weighing me down. Love you Tweedy. Be encouraged…it’s not the end of the world…God is still in control..He is still on the Throne!” I had inner peace then.

    So yesterday I felt led to surf the web for ways and advice to help fix my situation. And just this morning I came across your blog and the interesting thing is that you are talking to us Papua New Guineans and I could see the geniuness of your ministry our my people.

    I have already subscribed to your blog and will take a keen interest in reading your writings. I also hope to buy your books soon.


    • says

      Thanks for your encouraging words.
      Life does get very difficult at times. I pray God provides you with wisdom and guidance needed to deal with you situation.

  4. says

    Thank you for the post, it can become very helpul for thos who experience money problems now. Great support from your side. This phrase : You’ll solve your debt problem when you change the habits that led you into debt and when you change the habits that are keeping you in debt.- is so true. But unfortunately the understandanding that you need to reconsider your life standards come swhe we find ourselves in debt. I wish we could change before we have money problems

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