The Key Differences Between Medi-Share and Samaritan Ministries | My Loss is Your Gain

There is a silver lining to the phone call that I received last Thursday. The silver lining is that you, my readers, will now be able to learn the key differences between Medi-Share and Samaritan Ministries. The phone message ... "Hi, Craig, this is xxxxxxxx with Christian Care Ministry.  Our records indicate that you moved to Montana and we do need to talk.  This is very, very important, … [Read more...]

How Kindergarchy is Damaging Your Family and Your Finances

Joseph Epstine makes the case that in America we're living in a kindergarcy - a culture where we're under the rule of children. Epstine writes: Children have gone from background to foreground figures in domestic life, with more and more attention centered on them, their upbringing, their small accomplishments, their right relationship with parents and grandparents. For the past 30 years at … [Read more...]

Why I’m a Satisfied Credit Card Customer

This week, I was reminded of why I'm a fan of credit cards.  (Not that I was on the fence about it!  After all, I've enjoyed tens of thousands of dollars worth of flights from credit card rewards).  I just don't talk about it much because I don't want a poor money manager to adopt my ideas and ruin their finances. To start, here are a few things I believe about credit cards: For some … [Read more...]

How My Kids Learned About Investing While Getting $300 Per Hour

Matt Bell at Sound Mind Investing recently shared on their blog that ShareBuilder is offering a $50 bonus for opening a new custodial account by the end of the year. To get the bonus, you need to open a custodial account and use the code INVEST4KIDS. You can deposit any amount as long as you make a stock trade.  See full terms and conditions at the bottom of this post.  I bank at Capital One … [Read more...]

Who’s More Righteous? Spenders or a Savers?

In a world where opposites attract, it's not unusual for savers to marry spenders. Interestingly, both individuals have an unhealthy tendency to judge others based on their natural spending or saving habits. Consider the following conversation: "I can tell she loves money too much." "Oh?  How's that" the concerned friend asks. "She's always spending money on things to make herself … [Read more...]

Watch Out Elmo! Here Comes Jesus: How Jesus is Becoming a Hot Consumer Product

Jesus is a profitable individual. Figure out how to teach him, how to market him, and how to positively present him to people, and you'll be rich. Professing his name is a great marketing tool in that it will give you access to billions of dollars managed by evangelical Christians. It's ironic. Jesus is the product. We've got to make him appealing.  We've got to find how he address … [Read more...]

4 Forms of Giving

The Generosity Factor mentions four forms of giving: Time  Talents Treasure  Touch I suspect as we look at this list we'll find that some forms of giving are easier for us, and others are much more challenging.   Ironically, treasure is usually where we focus or discussions when we talk about generosity.  However, giving is much broader than the act of writing a check.   There's a man at our … [Read more...]

5 Pivotal Questions for the Busy, Hectic, and Stressed Household

In the last month, the pace of life has quickened.  I'm guessing that has something to do with adding a full-time ministry position to my online ministry. Just a guess. Over the last month, I've been meeting with a lot of people and listening to them talk about life, families, jobs, and church. Guess what? Everyone seems to be busy.  Busyness is the one theme you can guarantee will come … [Read more...]

Can Any Good Come from Comparisons With Others?

Today when I opened my Logos Bible Software program, I was greeted with this message: How does your pastoral book budget compare? I clicked. I was redirected to where I was invited to take a 10 minute survey.  After completing the survey, I could (in their words) see "how my budget stack[s] up with others". Some full time church workers get an annual allocation for … [Read more...]

How to Have Everything and Own Nothing

When I get something new, I have a little ritual.  I grab a pen or a Sharpie and I write my name on that item.  It's an important ritual because it tells others that if you try and take this item from me, I'll always be able to get it back since it's marked with my initials.  Those things I own I hold tightly because I've bought them with my hard work and my effort.  In many ways, so much of … [Read more...]