Shiny Cars, Manicured Lawns, and Broken Hearts – Is this the American Dream?

Only a fool would think it's a beautiful picture. For three weeks during the month of June, my family was in Houston visiting the church that provided the oversight for our work in Alotau, Papua New Guinea.  We spent a lot of time in peoples' homes and enjoyed the blessings of Christian fellowship.  The result was that we ended up driving through a lot of different neighborhoods north of … [Read more...]

Amazing! Weight Watchers Also Provides a Fool Proof System for Frugal Living

I've got this quirky belief that your boss shouldn't determine how much money you spend. Too often we decide to spend based on what our boss is willing to pay or our bank is willing to lend.  Instead, I think Christians should intentionally decide how much is enough (in the spending category), and use the rest to bless their local church, mission efforts, and works involving the poor. It's … [Read more...]

The Philippians 2 Guide to Christian Finance

The other day I realized how well Philippians 2 provides a solid biblical motivation for the concept of missional frugality. I bet you've often heard people talk about 'consumerism' and 'materialism'.  I think those are big words that intend to remind us that our spending is self centered and out of control. What is a Scriptural response that addresses our consumerism and … [Read more...]

Pushing the Frugality Limit | What Do You Do to Save?

Usually I don't suggest buying something just because it's a good deal.  Most of us have garage sales full of things we bought because they were a good deal. However, the other day I discovered one of the best deals I've seen in a long time. It was a pair of zip off ExOfficio hiking pants at a second hand store. Now these weren't just ExOfficio pants, but they were part of the BuzzOff brand that … [Read more...]

When it’s Your Garbage, Claim it!

I've both heard and shared a few excuses in my lifetime. The beauty of the excuse is that you rarely need to take responsibility for your actions.  In fact, not only do you get to brush off responsibility, but you also have the opportunity to point fingers elsewhere. With a well formed excuse, you are free of obligation, free of punishment, and free of accountability. But, you'll forever … [Read more...]

4 Worst Money Mistakes a Christian Can Make

Have you ever done something and realized you missed it? The it' could be your family.  You built a successful business, but you forgot about your family. The it' could be your health.  You travelled all over and forgot to take care of your health. The it' could be your marriage.  You dedicated yourself to church and kids, but you forgot to nurture your relationship with your spouse. As … [Read more...]

MH4C Positive Changes Ahead

You can now follow me on Twitter @craigeford. That's a sample of one change I've made.  You used to follow me @MH4Christians, but that username is too complicated in this not-so-complicated world. I'm actually using Twitter for something other than just blog updates, and I'm learning more about Twitter every day. That's another change. In the near future, you'll probably be hearing … [Read more...]

3 OffBeat (Unorthodox?) Questions About Bible Verses Regarding Money

Here are these three Bible verses about money that always get me thinking either strange or unorthodox views about money.  The only thing you can do wrong with this post is think too seriously about it.  There are just random thoughts that, at the end of the day, probably just represent some quirky curiosity. Was Jeremiah Guilty of Insider Trading? Today it is illegal to use inside information … [Read more...]

A Penny Saved is Another Penny to Give

I like to save money when I shop. I bet you do too, right? I don't like to pay more money for something than it's worth. I bet you don't like to either. My family has made a choice to buy things as cheaply as possible.  We call it missional frugality. We don't try and save money because we're saving up to buy something. We don't try and save money because we need it to get out of … [Read more...]

How to Revive Your Finances, Fitness, and Faith in 21 Days

What does it take to get out of a rut?  How do you develop a pattern when it seems like you've tried to change but often ended up with dismal results? Over the last few months our family hasn't had much of a routine.  We've been here, there, and everywhere.  The unfortunate result is that we've let some of our daily routines slip. However, for the next three weeks, life will be as normal, … [Read more...]