Overdue Weekly Roundup

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Since switching my schedule a little bit, I’ve found it hard to find a good place to fit my blog roundups.  This is going to be a quick roundup with links from the last couple of weeks.

My big news

My guest post 6 False Assumptions About Debt Free Living was included in the Consumerist personal finance roundup.  The Consumerist is the number one blog in the personal finance niche, so it was quite an honor that they picked up this article. 

My Posts Around Cyberspace

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Five Reasons to Stop Contributing Toward Retirement

Posts I’ve Enjoyed Reading

Make Extra Money with Freelance Writing

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What Is The Real Cost of Debt?

Financial Advice: Hourly Fees, Asset-Based Fees, or Annual Fee?

5 Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs


Best of Money Carnival

Money Hacks Carnival

Carnival of Personal Finance and another Carnival of Personal Finance

Carnival of Money Stories

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights

Festival of Frugality

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