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Thanksgiving $25 Give Away

Next Friday (Nov. 27th, 2009) one blog subscriber will win $25, and one MH4C Special Reports subscriber will win $25.00 (get more details).  If you are an email subscriber you are automatically entered.  RSS subscribers will need to email me with the code at the bottom of your feed. 

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Articles I Enjoyed Reading This Week:

Free Money Finance has a short yet powerful post introducing us to a great money question.  How much money do you need to make you happy?

Financial Highway suggests 10 Money Myths To Watch Out For.  I hope you’re not accepting any of these myths.

The Oblivious Investor talks about Tax Diversification: Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA.  Once again, one of the important points is diversification.

Cash Money Life discusses Gift Cards – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  My family (parents and siblings) used to be anti gift card givers, but the standard is changing.  Do you give gift cards?

Bargaineering suggest you Find A Job, Then A Career.  Bargaineering had some great posts this week on the topic of careers.

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