October Amazon $15 Gift Card Winners

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When you leave a comment on a Money Saving Monday post, you are eligible to win one of two $15 Amazon Gift Cards

The judging is completely rigged because I choose based on the mood I’m in at the time of selecting.  However, here are some general guidelines for what I pick:

  • Creativity – does it add something unique to the topic?
  • Money saving potential – how much money could you save by following the tip?
  • Comprehensive – does it introduce a lot of helpful information?

Our winners have been contacted via email and will have one week to confirm the email address for me to send the gift cards.  If I don’t hear back in a week, I’ll find a new winner.

Without further ado, here are the winners for October …

Andrea on How to Save Money on Your Home Office

Here’s one of my money-saving ideas: Recycle everything!

I reuse printer paper. If you have documents or papers that you don’t need any more, cut them in half and use the back as note paper for phone call messages or other quick notes you need to make during the day.

Also, file folders can be re-used easily even if you used pen to write the label on the tab. Find plain white printer labels at thrift stores or garage sales, then when you need to change the label on the file folder, just apply the plain white label and write the new subject on the label. Voila!

Another idea is to save the cardboard backing on the writing pads when the paper is all used up. Use the cardboard in mailing envelopes to keep the envelope stiff, especially when you mail marketing materials or pictures (and you don’t want them creased or folded by the post office).

Shop at thrift stores for office equipment and desk supplies such as printers, inboxes, staplers, pencil holders, 3-ring binders, and file folder stands. This is the ultimate in recycling!! You will find everything you need to set up your office at your local Goodwill or charity shop at a fraction of the price.

p.s For organization , the best book out there is David Allen’s “Getting things done”. Hands down – the best filing system ideas.

I like the fact that Andrea suggests using what you have.  I think resourcefulness is one of the best ways to save money.

Andrew on 10 Ways to Save Money at Restaurants

I’m a huge proponent of the email lists. I just got into this in the past year or so and the savings are UNBELIEVABLE. You’ll get a ton of free lunch or dinner coupons, lots of discounts, free meals around your birthday, free paraphernalia, and the list goes on. This goes for quick service restaurants as well. You’ll also find out about customer appreciation days. It’s amazing what these stores will give you just for getting your email address, and there really is no spam (other than announcing new products, store changes, and all that). Great list Craig!

I’ve always wondered what restaurants do with mailing lists.  Set up a new email address just for getting promos and it will save you money.  Sounds like some good money saving potential for very little work. 

Reader Feedback:

Would you rather see me give away 6 $5 Amazon Gift Cards or 2 $15 cards?

Have a great weekend!

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