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You can easily access the Bible and Money page by clicking here or by clicking on the “Bible and Money” button on the header.

Here is a short introduction to the page:

As Christians why we do something can be as importance as what we do.  Many of the posts in this blog could be implemented by Christians and non-Christians with the same financial results.  My intention, however, is that Christians start with a fundamental biblical understanding of why we do what we do with money.  Then ultimately God’s kingdom benefits from our decisions, not just ourselves.  I have compiled (and will continue to) posts that deal specifically with the issues of Bible and Money.

My intention is for this page to:

  1. Assist Christians and church leaders who want to learn more or about the relationship between the Bible and money
  2. Categorize posts, answers, and questions in an organized format.
  3. Suggest other resources that will be helpful in the study of the relationship between Bible and Money

The posts will be categorized under the following topics (with more to come):

Biblical Perspective on Money

Teaching about Money


God’s Involvement in Economic Happenings


Marriage and Family

General Questions

Recommended Resources

Want to suggest a question for me to address?  Want to suggest a favorite blog, website, or book that deals with financial management from a Christian perspective?  Email: mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com

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