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On this blog, I’ve always promoted the virtues of homemade gifts.  See 50 Christmas Gift Ideas: Make Your Own Personalized Gifts, Father’s Day Edition: Can you honor dad without money?, and 10 Unique, Personalized, and Cheap Valentines Day Gifts.

Sometimes a thoughtful gift is more meaningful than something you go out and buy.  Since I’ll turn one year old over the weekend – not me, but Money Help For Christians (MH4C) – on Monday I’m going to be introducing some giveaways.  I won’t tell you everything today, but on Monday I will have a free gift for everyone to celebrate turning one and to prepare for my upcoming Bite Sized Personal Finance Series

Be sure to stop by MH4C on Monday to grab your free copy of my latest eBook – The Bible and 21st Century Finances: Thought Provoking Answers to Nine Common Questions.  This is a concise, content rich book that shares some of the foundational teachings about the Bible and money.

The Bite Sized Personal Finance Series is a series of books that presents focused and practical financial lessons based on your current financial need.  As you work towards a place of financial health, these books will guide you each step of the way.  In debt? There will be a book for that (Lord willing).  Wanting to learn to invest?  There will be a book for that.  Interested in exploring ways to increase your giving?  There will be a book for that.  Wanting to prepare for a retirement that matters?  There will be a book for that.  Having marriage and money troubles?  There will be a book for that.  I think you get the point, right? 

The first eBook that will be released early this summer is called The Secret To A Successful Budget: Proven Tips For Creating A Budget That Lasts (More Than A Week).  This book is written for those who have never budgeted, have budgeted and failed, or are currently budgeting but are looking for a more effective and efficient way to budget. 

Don’t worry, when the book is released you’ll know …

Good Reads on the Internet

Neal at Wealth Pilgrim discusses our definition of success.

Mike at the Oblivious Investor suggests some etf portfolios.

Mike at Green Panda offers some Affordable and Easy Wedding Planning tips.

Len Penzo talks about Buying Prescription Glasses Online: Debunking The Four Biggest Fears.

Joe at Personal Finance by the Book encourages us to Change Your Mindset and Save a Fortune: 200,000 Miles is the New 100,000 Miles.

Paul at Provident Planning says Don’t Put Up with Bogus Fees

Trent at The Simple Dollar suggests Fifteen Great Websites That Saved Me Money in 2010.  Trent is such a stud so I thought I should also include this article – Why Do I Talk About Frugality?

J.D. Roth had a fantastic article called Money Myths and the Importance of Thinking for Yourself.  In the post, he exposes the truth about the often quoted Dun and Bradstreet study that we spend more on credit cards.  The truth?  This study often referred to by Dave Ramsey does not exist. 

Mike, the Financial Blogger, has a post on Reliance Protectron home security.


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