My Investing Plan Post Included in Two Blog Carnival Selections

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My post You’re First Steps in Developing a ‘Personalize’ Investing Plan was included in the Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #90 Posted May 23, 2009.  This Carnival is administered by The Skilled Investor.

This post was also included in the Carnival of Money Stories 2.  This Carnival is administered by WalletPop.

What is a blog carnival?

There are blogs and other similar sites that publish ‘blog carnival’ editions on a regular basis.  Each edition features the same primary theme and subtopics.  When the blog carnival is released it contains links to articles that the administrator decides to include.

As an example the Carnival of Financial Planning features articles under the following subtopics:

Budgeting, Economics, Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Financing a Home, Financing Education, Income, Investing, Managing Debt, Miscellaneous, Retirement Planning, Risk Management and Insurance, Savings, and Taxes.

Blog Carnivals are a great way to get a variety of posts, from different perspectives, on topics that interest you.

You can always find more blog carnivals by using the handy Google search.

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