My Financial Prayer

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Lord, help me. Teach me. Humble me.

All I have. All I am. I’ve promised to give to you.

But, then, sometimes I find it hard to do what I promised.

It is not by my strength. It is not by my will.

But by yours alone.

I want to learn to be your righteous steward. I want to do what you would have me do. Go where you would have me go. Give when you would have me give. Save when you would have me save. Invest when you would have me invest. Use human wisdom when you’d have me use human wisdom. Use Christian foolishness when you’d have me use Christian foolishness.

Help me to erase the name of ownership from all that I have.

Stretch my clinched fingers till my palms openly embrace your Will for all I have.

Scrape away the hardness that seeks to hold, to possess, to have.

Forgive me, Father, when I rely on the Self. Forgive me when my thoughts have focused on my needs and I’ve been blind to others. Forgive me when my heart has become so hard I’m no longer attentive to your working in my life.

Remove my tendency towards self-confidence and replace it with God-confidence.

Open my eyes.

Let me see as many ministry opportunities and business opportunities.

Help me to discover as many new ways to give and bless as I discover ways to save and invest.

Show me what truly matters, the things that have eternal significance.

Build a fortress around my heart when I start to spin powerful webs of justification.

You know the excuses that I find. The reasons why tomorrow is a better day to act. The reasons why I’m unable to do more to help.

Teach me.

Teach me to know when my financial decisions arise out of a lack of faith. Then, empower me with the trust to proceed in light of your Provision in my life.


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