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On my list of things to do is to head over to They have John Piper’s book Think available free until the end of the month. I like a lot of John Piper’s work. It’s on my list of things to do because it’ll take an hour or so to download because of our internet speed. Hat tip to dad for pointing out the free download.

The Oblivious Investor discusses asset allocation for young adults. I thought I was a young adult, and then I found out it was those in their 20s. Anyway, you do know that asset allocation is one of your biggest investing decisions, right?

Jason at Redeeming Riches shares 3 tips for making extra money. If you’re looking for work and you aren’t finding anything, then it might just be time to make your own job.

Cherie at ChristianPF discusses creative Christmas ideas. I’m a firm believer in the concept that the amount of money you give someone for Christmas does not equal how much you love them. Get creative this Christmas if you’re in the midst of your debt battle.

Perry Noble gives us 6 things to keep in mind when someone dies. It has nothing to do with personal finance. That’s why I’m writing about things that interest me.

After talking about my Nook in a recent post some readers wanted to be kept updated on what I’m reading.  In terms of "real" books I’ve been reading.

N.T. Wright’s book Surprised by Hope.  I’m about half way through and I like how the book is challenging my thoughts about topics related to heaven and the end times.  Fortunately, I’ve never bought into the idea of people being ‘left behind’ so his thoughts on the subject didn’t hurt my feelings.

Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership.  Wow!  I really, really liked this book.  The book is entertaining and I think it really helps Christian business people learn how to created a unique business culture.  It’s geared towards entrepreneurs and not corporate suits. 

I was included in the following carnivals this month:

Carnival of Personal Finance, and another Carnival of Personal Finance. Hey wait, here’s another Carnival of Personal Finance.

Canadian Finance Carnival

Total Money Carnival


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      I enjoy a lot of the Oblivious Investors stuff (even if I don’t always agree). Let me know what you think of EntreLeadership if you have a chance to read it.

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      I don’t agree with everything either (not that I have found a book that I do). However, like you I think there is a lot of very practical information for small business owners.

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