Moneydance Software 20% Discount Sale

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The Moneydance coupon has expired as of January 10th, 2011.

Last year when I was searching for the best personal finance software, I discovered a product called Moneydance.  I outlined all the things I like about Moneydance in my Moneydance review.

Anyway, it is the software I use, but I don’t recommend it for everyone because there is no one-size-fits-all software.  If you have to know How to Budget In Multiple Foreign Currencies, there is no better program (in my humble opinion).

Some of the other good programs I like include Mint (free) and You Need A Budget.

Since I’ve been working as an affiliate for the folks at Moneydance, I asked if there was any way they could set up MH4C readers with an exclusive coupon code.  Guess what?  They did.  So if you want to get a personal finance software to help you get organized in 2011 then you might want to check out Moneydance.  They have an absolutely free download that you can use to test run the product.  If you like it, you can buy it after 100 transactions.

To get the discount, use my affiliate link and enter the coupon code CPF10.  This promotion starts today (Dec 27th – January 10th).

Remember, this offer can be used to get a free copy of The Secret to a Successful Budget.  See my personal finance software sale details.


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