Money Saving Tip: Pronto

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Pronto ( is a great site to bookmark if you frequently purchase items online.

What is Pronto?

Pronto is a website that searches different online retailers to establish the cheapest price.  In just a couple of easy steps you can save both time and money.

How to Use Pronto:

When you go to Pronto you will see the following image.  In the “search our site for” section, just enter the item you are looking for.

Tip: include as much information as possible.  In this example, I will search for the Lost Season 4 DVD.

Pronto Screen Capture

Pronto will show items that match your search.  Find the exact item you are looking for and click on the “compare prices” button.

Pronto Lost 4

After that you will have a listing of stores that offer your item (as seen below) and their corresponding price.  Just click on buy from the site you want to buy the item from.  You will then be transferred to that site to complete your purchase.

Tip: Pay attention to the ratings, not just the price.

Pronto Buy

With just one search you can search hundreds of websites.  Saves both time and money.

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