Money Saving Tip: Price Protectr

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Here is another quick and easy money saving tip. Check out Price Protectr (not a spelling error). Many stores these days offer a lowest price guarantee. Also many credit cards offer a similar program to purchases you make. But, who is going to continue checking the ads for 30, 60, and 90 days after a purchase?

Now enters Price Protectr. If you make a purchase from one of 150 supported stores they will monitor the price for as many days as you set. It’s simple – just copy your URL from the item you purchased or intend to purchase, set your preferences, enter your email address and wait for an email if your price drops. They have a short instructional video that I recommend to anyone new to Price Protectr.

Combine that with shopping with a rewards credit card (like the Citi Dimond Preferred) and you’ll save even more.