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Money Saving Blog Posts

Save Money The internet is a great resource for money saving tips,so today I’ll share some great money saving posts.  If you’ve got favorite money saving articles you’ve read online, feel free to leave a link to the article.

Wealth Informatics – save money on movie tickets

My Dollar Plan – 30 money saving tips.

Deliver Away Debt –frugal tips for baby formula.

Frugal Confessions – frugal family fun.

Barbara Fried – off the beaten path money saving tips.

Darwin’s Money- save money on a refrigerator.

Bucksome Boomer – save money on art.

RIT – save money on groceries.

Help Me Travel Cheap – save money on your next family vacation.

Wealth Informatics – save money on gas during your next road trip.

Do you have a favorite money saving blog post?  Bloggers, you’re welcome to share your own posts.


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    A few popular posts on my frugal Christian blog are 85 Birthday freebies, Groceries for $30 a week, Drive Someone Else’s Car Across County for Free, Legit Work at Home Jobs, Retail and Clearance Links, Final Markdown Codes at Retailers, Price Protection Policies at Stores and about 300 more tips that you can use to save money. Blessings, Lori at More With Less Today (dot com).

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    I am always reading articles such as this and they are helpful. The current economy has caught up with the rest of the world, it kicked me to the curb about 3 years ago…literally. my husband was injured and unable to work and my daughter was struggling with a chronic emotional and physical illness. I had been dignosed with cancer 3 years before and thank goodness won that battle physically. If we had not had 2 insurances that illness would have taken us down $$wise. My daughters illness was not covered to much of an extent. After a year or so we finally qualified for assistance for her bills and her fathers whose injury was severe also. Hey the good news we are still alive, after bankruptcy, foreclosure and now divorce. What I really want to say is keep hanging on and loving each other. Find ways to keep giving your kids hope. We moved into a rental owned by a friend. I could have found something cheaper but it is a big farmhouse with open skys and my soul feels more free hear and we have a HUGE garden. It made me feel wonderful being able to give fresh vegetables to my friends and feed them to my family. Look for the good in everything and support and protect your family with thing that cost little or nothing.

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