MH4C’s New Look: Weekly Roundup

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If you are reading today’s post through RSS or email you might want to get over to to see some (what I hope are) improvements to the site.  Through the formatting process I learned something about myself.  I love to write, but I sure do not enjoy the technical aspect of blogging.  Now that the theme is almost set I can get back to focusing on my writing.  Let me know what you think about the new layout.

MH4C around the Web:

Best of money carnival – for a second consecutive week I had one of my articles selected as a top 10 financial article written over the previous week.  Thanks Ray! #5 this week was 101 Ways to Give: Time, Money, Energy, and Talents.  My #7 article from the week before was Six Habits of the Financially Fit.

Carnival of Pecuniary DelightsA Discussion on Justice and Generosity: Did “The Little Red Hen” Do the Right Thing?

Festival of Frugality

Carnival of Personal Finance

Money Hacks Carnival

My article published at Bible Money Matters – How Saving for Tomorrow Improves the Quality of Life Today

Book Club:

If you are looking for a good personal finance book to read, check out Your Money or Your Life.  Before the month is out I will be publishing three review / highlight articles on this highly recommended personal finance book.

Also, I have decided that I will put two books back to back (one per month) that deal with the same major theme.  One book will be from a secular perspective and the other from a Christian perspective.  This will allow us to highlight the differences between the two books. 

Our book club book for November will be How Much is Enough? by Arthur Simon.

Articles I enjoyed reading this week.

PT Money asks if you are relying too much on the future you?  This interesting article challenges us to think about what we might say to ourselves in the future if we don’t change our financial habits.

Bargaineering reminds us that Memories Appreciate, Stuff Depreciates.  Where are you investing your time and money?

FreeMoneyFinance reports on an absurd idea of offering a money back guarantee for church members who tithe.  What do you think about it?

Personal Finance by the Book lets us know that it is not always a bad idea to quit.

Provident Planning encourages us to Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without!

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