MH4C Store Sale – Save 30%, Happy Thanksgiving, Amazon Winners, and Roundup

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There’s a lot going on in this post.

My wife and I are heading out this weekend to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  Our actual anniversary was May 20th, but were getting away this weekend and celebrating it a little late.  So I won’t be posting again until after Thanksgiving.

That means I need to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving today.  May God bless you and your family richly.

MH4C Products 30% Off Through 11/29/10

O.K. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon here and go ahead and have my own sale that lasts from the time of this posting – Cyber Monday.  This sale is effective immediately will go through till midnight (EST) on Monday, November 29th, 2010.

Save 30% on both MH4C products.  This includes:

This promotion is over.

At check out, just enter the coupon code turkeyday.


By the way, the Oblivious Investor’s latest book Can I Retire? is now on sale, and it is also on sale ($5.00 today).

My most recent article at Currency is now live – Choosing the Right Travel Site for Your Tastes.

Two $15 Amazon Winners

Every month I pick two of my favorite comments on a Money Saving Monday post.  Those two individuals get a $15 Amazon Gift Card.  The winners this month are …

Margaret on How to Reduce Shipping Costs.  Here’s the tip:

As an active ebayer, I was surprised to learn I was not participating in one way to save shipping costs … use of a free application called ValueShip. It allows the ebayer to ship small Priority packages (up to 3 pounds) at a cost savings. You must first add $25 (presumably from your associated PayPal account) to your ValueShip account, but once there, it is the account from which you will pay for the shipping. So you haven’t really lost any money, just dedicated it to this purpose. Also, I once had to cancel a label (the buyer wanted it shipped to a new address), and I easily accomplished this task on ValueShip, and they refunded to me immediately the value of the cancelled label. If you’ve shipped with Paypal or other shipping services before, you will know that this is normally not the case, and you must usually wait up to two weeks or longer for the Postal Service to refund your payment on a voided label. So I really like this application. I’ve saved $3 to $5 on my first $25 worth of shipping. I think it’s worth it.

Thomas on How to Save Money at the Movies.  Here’s the tip:

WAITING: Let the movie run through the theaters and then catch it when it becomes available to rent.

RATINGS & REVIEWS: If you MUST go see a movie in the theaters (or even if you are just going to rent it), check out the ratings first and see if it’s something that you really ‘should’ be seeing. We like Plugged In Online ( It’s a movie review site put on by Focus on the Family that provides in-depth movie reviews from a Christian perspective. Bottom line, be sure this is a movie that you actually want to see before spending the big bucks.

MATINEE: I agree with Tim above. Matinee showings can save you a ton.

LIBRARY/NETFLIX/REDBOX/BORROWING: All wonderful ideas per the article and other people’s comments.

Article Roundup

Deliver Away Debt shares 5 Easy Ways to Waste Money at the Market.

Here’s an interview I did for Thrift Culture Now.

Bucksome Boomer is having a cash give away if you subscribe to her blog.  The best part is that the subscription would be worth it even if there was not a cash give away.

Here’s a question I’ve been wondering: How Does A Roth IRA Conversion Affect College Funding?

One Money Design has some tips regarding Christian Credit Counseling | Consider Costs and Legitimacy.  I’ve heard that some companies tack the name Christian onto their brand to build immediate trust.  Be sure to judge the legitimacy of an organization by something other than its name.

Provident Planning teaches us Where to Keep Your Will and Other Important Documents.

Len Penzo shares How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree (In 3 Easy Steps).  Here’s the process in Alotau.  Go to the store and check to see if they have a tree.  If they do, buy it because it might be the only tree the store sells all season.

Monevator reminds us Why it’s almost always a bad time to borrow to invest.

Yakezie Carnival, Carnival of Money Stories

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