MH4C Announcements (new staff writers …) and Roundup

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In September you can expect a few changes here at MH4C. 

On a lazy note, I’m going to try and start ‘branding’ MH4C a little more as I’m getting tired of typing m-o-n-e-y-h-e-l-p-f-o-r-c-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n-s.  Yes, that is a lot of letters.  Hopefully, as I start to refer to this site as MH4C, I’ll save a few months of arthritis pain.  The web address will remain, but internally, I’ll refer to it as MH4C.

Welcoming Two New Staff Writers

Paul Williams from Provident Planning

Paul blogs over at Provident Planning.  I’ve always been impressed with Paul’s insight into financial and biblical matters, so I’m glad to have him on board to write a couple of posts a month.

Darren from More Than Finances.

I don’t know if Darren publically displays his last name, so lets just call him Darren from More than Finances.  Darren has been an active commenter on this site, and I think he probably knows more about financial topics than me :).  Darren will also be posting a couple of times a month.

I mentioned several weeks ago I was looking for people to write paid personal finance articles (initially not at MH4C) – that call is still open if anyone is interested.

Back by Popular Demand: Money Saving Monday

Starting on Monday, each Monday MH4C will share some quick money saving tips.  Then I’ll turn to you – my readers – for more feedback.  I realize that the biggest untapped resource here is the readers.  You guys collectively know 1000x what I’ll ever know.  So on Mondays, I’ll suggest a topic and offer a few money saving tips, and then it is time for you to jump in with some tips for saving money in that category.  If you are a subscriber, you’ll need to actually visit the posts to see the money saving tips.

Prizes:  I’ll give away money, too!  At the end of the month, I’ll ask you to vote on your favorite money saving tip (after I choose my list of favorites).  The two favorite tips of the month will each be worth a $15 Amazon gift card.

Think you know the ins and outs of saving money?  I’m currently hiring writers to help put together some Money Saving Monday quick money saving tips.  Email me if you’re interested (mhforc [at] gmail dot com)

By the way, the popular demand is my wife who really liked those posts. 

What’s Going on with Craig?

You’ll notice that I’m getting some help with the workload at MH4C.  Basically, things on the MH4C front continue to grow and improve, which is great, but also demands more time.  I’m shifting my focus a little bit due to a special announcement I plan to make next week. (No, I didn’t sell my blog.)  On top of everything, my kids aren’t getting any younger, so I don’t want to sacrifice that time with them.  The buzzword in the Ford household has been ‘outsource’.  We’re outsourcing as much as we can to keep the life we want to enjoy together. 

Top Articles This Week:

Odd jobs for a little extra cash – a few quick tips to help subsidize your income.

Guilt and Leadership – Matt and I went to graduate school together, and when I read this post, it made me wonder what tools are appropriate and inappropriate to use in church.  I don’t use guilt as a primary method, but if Paul can use it occasionally, then so can I. 

10 Guiding Principles For The “New Retirement” – I’m still trying to save for the old retirement.  I guess once I take care of that, I can move on to the ‘new retirement’.  I agree with much of what Jason is saying.

I’ve been intrigued by the Lazy Man and Money legal saga.  You can read about it here – When Companies Go Too Far.  Ahh.  The joy of fighting against corporations with seemingly unlimited sources of cash.

10 Key Characteristics of Debt-Free People (of Modest Means).  I said yes to all 10 in this list.

Buying A New Or Used Car? Negotiating Tips To Use With Car Dealers.  I hate buying cars, but if you’re shopping, this post should help.

Motley Fool Retirement Calculator: Try Again.  Couldn’t agree more.  I’ve stopped trying to calculate if I’ll have enough to retire.  I’ll act responsibly, and then I crunch numbers when I get closer to retirement.

Would You Rather Do What You Love, Or Be Paid More?.  I could write a four word post on the topic – do what you love.

While we’re on the topic of happiness – Happiness and the discount value of money.  Personal finance.  It’s about managing life, not money.


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  1. says

    I echo Paul’s words. Thanks for the warm welcome, Craig. And thanks to Joe as well for the kind words.

    It is my hope to write good content for your readers.

  2. says

    Darren and Paul, congratulations! Craig has a quality blog here and I know you’ll be a great addition to the team of helping Christians learn how to manage money. Craig, congratulations to you and all your great success with MH4C. I’m a fan, reader and supporter!

  3. says

    I know I’m late, but congratulations on all of the new growth on the site! I am very familiar with Paul’s writing – both on his own site, and through his helpful comments on my own. He definitely is going to be a huge asset to your site!

    I also know of Darren (and have heard/read great things), and I plan to become more familiar with his writing and his site.

    Great additions!

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