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Special Thanks


My wife, the fantastic Mrs. Ford, is the single largest factor for the ‘success’ MH4C enjoyed in 2009.  With the exception of one article (dedicated to her on May 20, 2009) she proof read every article published at MH4C.  In addition, she authored a fantastic post called Cut Costs By Being Resourceful.  Finally, Mrs. Ford has been a key advisor for many, many different thoughts and ideas.  She has even sacrificed Saturdays and watches the kids while I write. 

Papa Ford has passed along some good resources and articles as he encounters them.  Mama Ford has encouraged me with several positive comments along the way.  Quite possibly, I wouldn’t have anything to say about personal finances if they hadn’t first shown me a positive example. 


Much of the growth I have experienced has come from some great bloggers who allowed me to guest post for them.  Thanks to  Frugal Dad, Wise Bread,  and Free Money Finance.

In addition, I staff write for four blogs – Bible Money Matter, ChristianPF, Cash Money Life, and Moolanomy

Pete at Bible Money Matters saw some writing potential in me and was the first person to offer me a permanent writing position.  He has provided valuable feedback through email.  Pete is a genuine guy who puts people in front of himself. 

Bob from ChristianPF has become a friend, a blogging coach, and a mentor.  Over the last couple of months Bob and I Skype so I get to pick his brain about all things blogging.  As a full time blogger, Bob has so much valuable information to add.  In addition, his site has driven a lot of traffic to MH4C.  Bob is a truly spiritual person who keeps the ministry of blogging as a priority over the business of blogging.

Pinyo at Moolanomy accepted my application to be a staff writer.  Each article I write for Pinyo opens the door for some good traffic to MH4C.  Thanks, Pinyo.

Patrick at Cash Money Life.  Late this year Patrick and I started to get to know each other.  Through our one Skype conversation I came to know him as a Barnabas type person – extremely encouraging.  His advice has provided a lot of direction to the future of this blog.

I’ve also has some great conversations with Jason @ Redeeming Riches and Paul @ Provident Planning.  Their blogs are about the same age as mine so we get to take this blogging journey together. 

And Don’t forget …


While some bloggers might be embarrassed by the growth of this blog, I am extremely grateful and honored.  I have 350 daily subscribers which is far beyond my original goal of 25 by December 31st. 

This blog would be a very lonely place without you – the reader.

Thank you.

What’s in store for MH4C in 2010?

Of course, as always, I hope to provide you with the highest quality of articles dealing with issues of faith and finances.  You should continue to expect daily articles

Because my goals for 2009 were so pitifully off track (low) I don’t know that I’m going to set any goals for 2010.  I think I’m going to enjoy the ride and see where God takes this blog.  But, I’d love to see 1,000 subscribers by the end of 2010.

Another ebook.  I’ve already completed about 40 pages of (what I think) is an awesome ebook.  I’m going to continue to expand the book, and Lord willing, in 2010 I will release the book.  At this point, I think I’ll probably tie the book into a 1,000 subscriber celebration.  The book discusses the idea of getting more out of life with less money.


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    Craig, Thanks for the mention, and congrats on your quick growth. Your blog has quickly become one of the best Christian personal finance blogs around, and your prolific writing is getting your name out. It’s just a matter of time before your blog explodes with traffic!

    As an aside, I just nominated you as one of the top religious finance blogs for the plutus awards run by flexo at consumerism commentary. Hope you win!
    .-= Peter´s last blog ..5 Ways To Give More And Spend Less This Christmas =-.

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