My Favorite Merry Christmas Greeting Card and the Creative Christmas Challenge

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I’m extending a challenge.  It is a challenge that some of you will accept and others of you will immediately reject. 

The challenge is to make it your goal to have an all cash Christmas.  This will require a couple of things – creativity and time.

This Christmas try to be as creative as possible and add a homemade touch to your Christmas planning.

I’ve learned from living in PNG that, when necessary, people can be wildly creative and resourceful.  Having a handy dandy credit card just makes everything too easy.  What if you decided that you were going to give as many gifts as you’ve always given, but you’ll do it with cash?  Would that be possible?  I think so – as long as you are able to do some homemade activities.

Just as a small example, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite Merry Christmas greeting cards.


What aunt, uncle, grandma, or grandpa wouldn’t love that?

Making the card is simple.  Just trace a moose head, and then use the child’s hand print to make the antlers.  Classic.

My wife and I (more my wife than I) have just finished up our Christmas gift for this year.  I won’t say what it is because our family reads the blog (at least they should). I will say it didn’t cost us much money, but definitely took some time. 

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Since I’m giving you the heads up now, what things do you think you could do to make this Christmas more personal, meaningful, and affordable?


  1. jmd says

    The card is very clever and I am impressed that your family is being a wise steward. We maintain a very frugal approach to the holidays and only buy for the grandchildren. Since our grandchildren have many toys we opted for clothing items. Probably not the most exciting but practical.

    I hope americans will not be using plastic this year. The department stores around us have been decked out for weeks now and already offering some pretty decent sales.

    • says

      Department stores love Christmas :). This will be our 5th Christmas in PNG so I barely remember those extravagant decorations.
      I like your idea of only buying for the grandchildren.

  2. says

    I have no used plastic in over ten years. I love to hand make Christmas gifts: I have made bird houses, flower arrangements in vases-tiny ones…I go to resale shops all the time and look for creative old fashion gifts or ideas…I collect in one year and have a bundle of cheap gifts and I package beautifully and creatively and feel happier. Oh I had a sister once long ago tell me that she did not want my handmade wreath and gave it back. For real! So it was her loss.

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