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Update March 2012: I’ve written a post that talks about my Medi-Share experiences.  This has updated information on my thoughts regarding Medi-Share so I recommend you also read that post.

My mommy always taught me to share.

Now, I teach my kids to share.

The question is – am I willing to share my medical costs? How you answer that question significantly determines if you should consider

If you’ve read this blog, you know I’ve been frustrated by the high cost of international health insurance.  In fact, I’ve compared the Canadian and American health systems (based on my own experiences), and I’ve never felt completely satisfied with all the hassles and costs associated with either system.

To be perfectly honest, our long term decision regarding our full-time home when we leave PNG (either Canada or the United States) will be significantly impacted by the health insurance question.  Since I plan to make my living blogging and freelance writing, I’ll be responsible for my own insurance costs.  If you’ve been sheltered from your actual medical expenses by an employer who provides everything, youMedi-Share should be thankful for the coverage you have.

Health insurance for self-employed individuals is very expensive.

For a lot of people, the cost of traditional health insurance is burdensome.  I’ve suggested people might try to consider increasing their deductibles, but today there is also another option people can consider.

Before I get there, let me be clear.  I started researching because they have an affiliate relationship.  I wanted to know if they were a company I’d feel comfortable using.  My comments in this post are my own reflections, but I will not make a specific recommendation because I have never used them.  Consider this post my fact finding mission and not a comprehensive analysis of all things Medi-Share.  I’d rather introduce you to the company and the concept, and then set you loose to find out all the exact details as they relate to your life. : Medical Health Insurance Alternative Sharing for Christians

What is Medi-Share?

In order to answer that question, I need to first tell you what it is NOT.  Medi-Share is NOT MEDICAL INSURANCE.  They explain it this way on their website:

Health insurance comes with a contractual guarantee to pay your medical bills. For over 17 years our participants have been faithfully sharing medical bills on a non-guaranteed basis, trusting the Lord to provide in their time of need through the voluntary gifts of other like-minded Christians.

What does that mean?  It means when you have a medical expense, the group approves the expense.  I’ve scanned the comments on this post, and most of the comments by users tend to be very positive.  The consensus from employees at Medi-Share and current users is that if the claim is legitimate, it will be paid.

How does it work?

Here are the basics from the website:

Every  household has an individual account with our partner, America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU), used for the sole purpose of sharing. The monthly shares are deposited in the individual ACCU account, bringing financial integrity and security to the sharing process. Each month, CCM matches up monthly share amounts with other participants’ eligible medical needs and transfers funds between accounts to facilitate sharing.

Instead of a deductible, when you select a plan you get an “Annual Household Portion”.  Either $500 (only for young single people), $1250, $2500, $3750, $5000, $7500, or $10,000.  Basically, you’ll pay that amount of your medical costs, and after you meet your Annual Household Portion, your treatments will be open for medical sharing.

When you go to the doctor, if your provider submits all the bills then everything will be processed and checked by Medi-Share.  If approved, the bill will either be applied towards your household portion or posted for sharing (approval).

How does the price of compare?

I checked my family rate for traditional health insurance using (assuming we were living in Cheyenne).  The rate I could get with a $1000 deductible is about double the rate I could get at Medi-Share with a $1250 deductible.  A 57% savings with Medi-Share definitely gets my attention!

Personally, I think insurance is biblical.  I don’t think there is anything in the Bible that requires the use of medical sharing nor is there anything that requires it.  As such, the decision to use medical sharing instead of traditional health insurance would be more of a financial choice than a biblical one.

Who is an ideal Medi-Share candidate?

  1. Someone who is healthy. Medi-Share does not cover pre-existing conditions.  They even have a health incentive (20% discount) for those who meet their strict health standards and pass certain medical tests.   If you are a family, both adults must be extra healthy to get the discount.
  2. Someone who is a Christian who has a conservative Christian lifestyle. Medi-Share has requirements like “Must not engage in sex outside of traditional Christian marriage” or “Cannot use tobacco or illegal drugs in any form, or abuse legal drugs or alcohol.”  In his post on the topic, Bob at ChristianPF shared that one individual was declined coverage because he was driving while drunk which caused an accident.
  3. People who do not currently have access to reasonable health insurance plans.
  4. US citizens, permanent residents, or possibly a missionary living overseas.

Who should avoid Medical Sharing?

Personally, if I had a full-time job that provided full benefits, I wouldn’t consider Medi-Share.  I think that it is an alternative for people who do not have full coverage provided.

What concerns and questions do I have?

Like anything, it is absolutely essential that you understand what you are getting with your money.  I do plan to pursue Medi-share as a personal option in the future, but not until I’ve done some more through research.  My wife and I would probably write down our 546,343 questions, and I’d call and have a long conversation to be sure I understand everything and to be sure the plan works well for our family.

Things I’d specifically like to know:

  1. Financial health of the organization.  Is there a reasonable balance to cover claims?
  2. Turn around time.  How quickly do you process claims?
  3. What types of claims have not been processed and covered?

When I do move to the States in a year and a half, I will consider Medi-Share.  We’ve recently renewed our international heath insurance, and I have no energy to mess with changes right now.

I’d really like to know your thoughts and reactions if you’ve had any dealings with Medi-Share.  Are you a member?  Were you a member?  How was/is your experience? I’d love to hear more medical sharing stories.

Updated: October 2011.  I decided to become a Medi-Share member.  If you want me to refer you please send an email to mhforc at gmail dot com.  I do get compensated for the referral, but that’s one way I can help keep the material on this website free.


  1. Kevin Poston says

    Hey Craig,

    I live in Columbia,SC and noticed that you are a missionary in New Guinea. Wow thats Great. We have a friend whos name is Chuck Turner who was a missionary their I believe in the 60′s and 70′s wow he is a man of God and he to my recolection took the singa singa language put it in to a written language and translate the bible into their language and i got to see him this year and he just revised it agian wow, how amazing our GOD Is

    • says

      Glad to meet you. My parents were in PNG in the late 70′s. Like so many countries PNG has changed a lot. I really appreciate and respect people who give so much time to do Bible translations.

  2. Sarah says

    Are you back in the States? Did you end up using Medi-Share? If so, can you share your experiences? If not, why did you decide not to use Medi-Share?

    • says

      Good question. No I won’t be moving back for some time, so I’ve yet to look more closely at Medi-share. However, when I do I’ll post about it.

  3. Dale says

    You should also consider Samaritan Ministries, a similar cost sharing medical ministry. My wife and I have been members of SM for a couple years and the monthly share amounts are very reasonable. Check them out at

  4. says

    I am also a member of Samaritan Ministries. It seems like the share amounts are resaonable enough. I would be interested in knowing the difference between them and medi-share. Has anyone used both?

    • says

      It would be interesting to hear from someone who is involved in both programs. I’m with Medi Share, but have no experience with Samaritan Ministries.

  5. Liz says

    My husband has been self employed all year, we have two children and it was a difficult decision to go with Medi-Share but we decided to take a leap of faith and give them a try.

    We became members in February of 2011 and shortly after I came down with a strange abdominal pain. I went to several doctors and no one was able to figure out what was wrong. Medi-share decided (due to one doctors comments of a possible cause) that the condition was pre-existing so they didn’t cover it. This has continued all year–they even refused to cover a sinus infection saying it was pre-existing because I had one a year prior.

    They have not covered a single bill since we took them out. (They did however apply a PPO discount to every bill of about $60 which caused us to not be considered for self pay…. Meaning a $4,000 medical bill was reduced $60 instead of about 50% for a self pay discount)

    A few months ago, my husband and I decided to expand our family and when we finally got pregnant I contacted medi-share and made sure they would cover the pregnancy and they agreed. However I just got a call today from my doctors office saying that medi-share contacted them and claimed my pregnancy was pre-existing and they would not cover it.

    We are now $16,000 in debt with medical bills and are out our monthly payments to medishare for the past 10 months.

    We also had a savings account through them which my husband just tried to get the money out of since we are canceling medi-share and they said it was not our money. (That’s illegal right?)

    Be very wary of this organization–they will do everything in their power to steal from you. They are thieves and liars.

  6. says

    Medi-share is indeed a unique program for providing assistance with medical care, but unlike health insurance programs this route uses blatant discrimination to prevent certain individuals from benefiting from its service. specifically points out that only those engaging in sexual intercourse within a “Christian” marriage are allowed to join. This immediately eliminates gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals from enrolling in Medi-share. The program also places limits on services it covers based upon religious beliefs and states specifically that abortions will not be covered under any circumstance.

  7. Yibing says

    My employer is providing some funding to allow employee to purchase our own insurance coverage. I was introduced by one of our church member and I would like to see if anybody else has any comments on the two program: Medi-Share and SM?

    Many thanks.

  8. arianne gabrielle says

    I have had Medi-share for 4 years and it is a huge amount of work. It takes me hours almost every month to go back and forth between the company and the doctors offices for various reasons. They often will not cover something as they claim the doctors office has coded it incorrectly. I have been trying to get back $600 from them for our two childrens births over 2 years. Our birth center charges only $3300 to have a baby there compared to the $10,000 plus a hospital charges. We have tried to go the cheaper route, but they keep fighting the $300 fee as they say the birth center is not coding it correctly. We have had them change it, talked to supervisors who have said the would re-compensate it and never do. In a hospital you have nurses, doctors, techs and tons of staff. At the birth center they require a midwife and an assistant. I lost consciousness in delivery and the assistant had to help. If she wasnt there it would have been terrible. Medishare says they will only pay for her if she is a licensed midwife two (which doesnt even make financial sense for the birth center to have 2 midwives. This time I had 2 midwives and they are still giving me trouble covering the fee. So either I have to pay $300 out of pocket each time I have a baby and medishare pays $3000 or they pay $10,000 and I pay zero. It makes no financial sense on their part. WHen I mentioned this to Medishare how I was trying to save them money.The head of the maternity dept at medishare says well some people get a friend to deliver their baby for free. My husband was having chest pain and called 911 went to the ER and it took me months and months of fighting it b/c they diagnosed it as a panic attack and wouldnt cover anything for mental health. There is no way to prove a panic attack but the doctor thought it was possibly one b/c everything else came out negative. WHen she put that in the notes Medishare says it does not fit in CSM guidelines b/c they dont cover anything with mental illness. I was getting the healthy incentive and did my annual renewal questionaiire. I got an email saying i hadn’t completed it and I called in. THe lady on the phone said to ignore it if i completed it, it might just be a generic email sent. A few months later I noticed our past few months were 20% higher and when I called in they said they got my husbands but not my questionairre. I told them I did both and they said yes we see that, but you did them both under the same account not two separate accounts so it automatically deleted the previous one. THere was nothing they would do and it would take them 2 more months to put the incentive back into effect. Therefore I lost hundreds of dollars they would not compensate back even though I had contacted them regarding the renewal. It is sad that they don;t try to work with you more as Christians. .

  9. David Wheeler says

    I have always been on a corporate insurance plan, and due to surgeries and injuries over the past several years with myself, wife or kids, I was forced to become familiar with the insurance coverage, eligibility and payment process. Late last year when I decided to go into business for myself, I looked at the typical insurance companies. I heard about Medi-Share on the Christian Radio Station, so I decided to investigate further. I read about the company, and decided to call and speak with a representative. I asked all the right questions, specifically those pertaining to deductibles, doctors, payments, etc. The representative said they were not an “insurance” company, but they processed medical bills just like an insurance company. I asked if once we meet our deductible that they pay 100% as the plan I was looking at indicated. She said they did. After further discussion and prayer, we decided to go with Medi-Share. I REGET MAKING THAT DECISION.

    Medi-Share has been nothing but a complete hassle since day one. They don’t cover ANYTHING! My wife had a routine mammogram, which has always been covered by a traditional insurance company, was not covered at all by Medi-Share. Not only that, we were charged at the doctor’s bill rate. We didn’t even get a discount. So when I paid this bill, my payment doesn’t even apply to the deductible. Not ANY portion. The similar situation happened as a result of my daughter when she twisted her ankle and had to see the doctor to determine if it was broken. Thank God it wasn’t, but Medi-Share didn’t pay one penny. And I had to pay the bill rate again. No discount. They also never send out an EOB, so you never know where you stand. I too got a late notice, and it was the first notice I received. Insurance companies are required by law to send out an EOB. Since Medi-Share technically is not an insurance company, they can use it as a loophole to avoid this requirement.

    I am on hear medications due to elevated blood pressure. My wife takes medications for other issues. All medications are normal, FDA approved, generic medications. NONE are covered by Medi-Share. I get a better rate using a discount company I found on the internet.

    Medi-Share has been a complete disappointment, and I feel that I was taken advantage of by the company. Whenever I call to discuss a bill, I am told the same thing. This procedure, appointment, prescription drug, etc is not eligible because the “members” elected it as such. This isn’t what I was told by the representative trying to sell me on joining.

    I am man of God, and I go to church. My wife is a prayer warrior, and we have raised our kids to be the same. I have to say, that I feel like I was totally taken advantage of by Medi-Share. And I honestly am offended when they reject my claims, and then ask me if there is anything they can pray for. Yes, pray that I am able to find reasonably priced insurance, that covers reasonable procedures with an insurance company that communicates. I know insurance companies are in this to make money, and are not always the easiest to deal with. I get it. Medi-Share is as well. But what they promote, is totally different than how they act. And they do with in the name of Christianity. That is a total disappointment.

    I calculated what I pay for my monthly share (premium), co-pays, doctor bills and prescription drugs compared to another insurance company I am researching, and even with a higher premium, and higher deductible, I am paying 62% more with Medi-Share. In my opinion, what they are promoting is a SCAM, and disguising it that they care because it’s a “Christian” organization. I think this “sharing” concept will end soon. At least for Medi-Share. People will soon realize that this is a scam, and go elsewhere.

    I don’t hate Medi-Share. I hate what they have done to us. Maybe it works for some people. But not us. The reason I am writing this, is so that if someone is contemplating looking to join Medi-Share, please understand that this is not an insurance policy. They seem to go out of their way to avoid paying anything for their members. Look very closely at the fine print. More importantly, read the reviews. This is where I made the mistake. I didn’t read reviews. Scary to now find out that my experience seems to be a similar theme with Medi-Share.

    Good luck, and I hope this information helps.

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