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At Money Help For Christians, I’ve made a habit of writing about things that interest me.  Fortunately, what interests me and the general public often lines up.  However, there are other things that I write that only appeal to a small sub-niche of readers.  My Short Term Missions Handbook is one such example.  Today’s post focuses on a product that appeals to another sub-niche of readers – people who have blogs or who are considering blogging in a semi-professional way.

Each month in 2010 I’m going to try and highlight one affiliate to make my affiliate of the month.  When I promote that product, I’ll give you some special deal or offer(s) to reward you for buying the product through MH4C.  Till June 30th, 2010, my product of the month will be Market Samurai.

Market Samurai Review

Why I Purchased Market Samurai

Several months ago I signed Market Samurai Widegetup for the 12 day free trial of Market Samurai.  Unfortunately, at that time my internet company didn’t give me enough affordable megabytes per month to allow me to make use of Market Samurai on a regular basis.  However, last month when I heard that our internet plan (here in Papua New Guinea) was going to be improving, one of the first things I did (literally) was buy Market Samurai.

Most bloggers I know like traffic.  In order to get traffic, we, as bloggers, do a lot of things.  Some of our efforts to drive traffic require a tremendous amount of time.  At other times, we are surprised by what drives traffic.

Two days before my daughter was born, I wrote an article on the average cost of delivering a baby.  The post required almost no research and was a last minute idea.  But, it ranked in the top four of the Google search results (SERP), and I’ve been enjoying a steady flow of traffic ever since.

But, do you always need to be surprised by what drives traffic to your site?  Not if you own Market Samurai.

Consider the following two examples – “maternity rider” and “donate a car”.

When you search for SEO Competition for a keyword in Market Samurai, the product will show you the following:

  • DA – Domain Age (how old the site is – the older the site the ‘stronger’ its ranking)
  • PR – Page Rank
  • IC – Index Count (how many article are indexed on the page)
  • BLP – Page Backlinks (number or links pointing to the article containing the keyword)
  • BLD – Domain Backlinks (number or total links pointing to the domain)
  • Plus other results I won’t take time to introduce (but you can learn about if you sign up for the free trial).

Let’s say I’m considering writing an article that focuses on either “maternity rider” or “donate a car”.

The first results are for maternity rider.  You’ll notice that the BLP (page backlinks) are not very high.  The highest is 53.  Since I think this is a really important factor, it seems like there is a possibility I could write a post and rank in Google for this keyword.  As a general rule of thumb, lots of green is a good sign.

MS Matrid

Now, the question is: should I write about “donate a car” instead?  Donate a car is a much higher paying keyword, but that means nothing if I can’t rank for it.  Looking at BLP once again, you notice that the smallest one on the top 10 Google results is 45 with most being over 1,000.  Without any hard, hard work, there is no chance my blog will grace the front page for the keyword “donate a car”.  You can even do deeper analysis if you wish.  If you click on the arrow beside the number of back links you will be redirect to a listing of all the places where that post has links.  There is a lot more you can do here, but I can’t fully introduce everything.


As a result, you’re a lot more likely to see me write an article on “maternity rider” than “donate a car”.  However, there are some keywords related to “donate a car” that I might be able to rank for, so I might focus on those keywords.

Hey, I’ll be honest. With little work you can get all of this information on the net.  To get everything listed here, you would need 15-20 minutes per keyword, plus you would also need the time to record everything.  My time is too valuable, so I do it in one click and get the results in less than a minute.

What is the best way to generate traffic to your site?  Search traffic.

Search traffic is always there.  Search traffic is often looking for specific items or products.  For example, when I write a post on the the 25 best travel websites, my readers might be interested.  However, if someone searches “best travel websites’” in Google, you can almost guarantee that they are going to be buying travel.

People who are looking for a specific item or product are a lot more likely to buy that product through an affiliate link or even click on a contextually appropriate ad – like AdSense.

When you look at the “Popular Posts” on a blog, I’d say that 98% of those are articles that rank well in the Google SERP.  There are a few exceptions – a few bloggers who grow their blogs in other ways.  However, they are the exceptions.

Market Samurai Does Much More

Market Samurai can do a lot of other things.  But, I’m just showing you my favorite feature because I think just that one feature is worth the price of the product.  My second favorite feature is the rank tracker where in one click I can see how my top keywords are ranking in the Google SERP and if they have improved in the Google results.  This is important so I can know if my linkbuilding efforts are actually yielding positive results.

When you sign up for Market Samurai you also get access to very, very informative and helpful articles on SEO and linkbuilding.  If you don’t know much about those topics, you’ll learn a ton from the training videos.

How Much Does It Cost?

The product says that it is valued at $149.00, but if you click here and sign up with your name and email address, you’ll be sent an email with the free trial download link and also a special price.

Purchase Market Samurai From MH4C and Get a $50 Value Bonus Package

This offer (free bonus package) expires June 30th, 2010.

If you use my affiliate link and purchase (not just sign up for the free trial) Market Samurai, I’ll give you some free bonus material.

Bonus #1: MH4C Blog Report | Full Disclosure – $14.99 Value

I put together a 20 page PDF called MH4C Blog Report | Full Disclosure.  One of the things that has been frustrating for me as a blogger is that I’ve found it hard to set appropriate blogging goals.  I’d wonder – what is a reasonable amount of traffic to aim for?  How much income is typical?  Since most people keep their traffic and income stats private, it is hard for others to set reasonable goals.  I kept wondering if I was on track, if my goals were reasonable, if what I was experiencing was normal.

So I put together a document that lets you see the blog behind the curtain.  I share all my important stats:

  • Total and monthly page views and unique visitors on a monthly basis and all time.  I also share which stats are most important to me.
  • Subscriber progress growth chart with five tips for building your subscriber list
  • All the plugins I currently use (and my evaluation of their importance)
  • Traffic sources – why I focus on search traffic
  • Income report – how much AdSense income I’ve earned and earn on a monthly basis and all my affiliate income.  In that section, I’ve included 8 tips for helping you improve your AdSense income.
  • I introduce every product I’ve ever bought for my blog with an evaluation of the value of the item.  This was another source of frustration.  I wanted to invest back into the business, but I didn’t know if it was worth the money.  So I’ve included all this information.

If you don’t want to buy or already own Market Samurai, you can buy the MH4C Blog Report | Full Disclosure for $14.99.  Click here to buy the Blog Report. Add to Cart

Bonus #2: 30 Minute Skype Chat to Help Improve Your Blog – $35.00 Value

If you are a relatively new blogger (less than a year), this document can help you set and evaluate your own blogging goals.  However, I don’t want this to be about me and my blog.  I want it to help stimulate some thoughts, ideas, and discussions regarding your own blog.  So, after you read the report, we can set up a free 30 minute Skype chat ($35 value). During the chat you get to lead the discussion and we’ll help address any blog issue that interested you from the report.

By the way, I’m not a full time blogger and I don’t know everything about blogging, but I’ve spent the last year+ reading and learning as much as I can about blogging.

Once you buy Market Samurai, send me your proof of purchase (mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com) and I’ll send you the MH4C Blog Report | Full Disclosure ($14.99 value) and I’ll book you for a 30 minute Skype call ($35.00 value) – all at no extra charge.

Click here to start your free trial of Market Samurai.  If you end up buying Market Samurai, you also get $50 worth of free blogging resources.  You must purchase Market Samurai by June 30th, 2010 to get the bonus package.


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    Nice overview Craig. I have been using Micro Niche Finder for years with good results but more recently have been building through social ways….. I do want to get back to targeting keywords a little more and mix up a little.

    Anyway MS has interested me for a while now and I may take a look this time now, need to find 12 clear days to test it out.


    • says

      When I did the trial the first time I also looked for a slow week to try it out. I love products that let you have a test run before making any commitment. Let me know what you think about it.

  2. says

    Hi Craig,

    I was searching for reviews on Market Samurai and your site was on first page. Recently, I just bought a training course to promote Amazon products and Market Samurai tool was mentioned by the author but as an option. From your description above, I can now understand why and what the author is trying to teach us newbies on SEO traffic.

    This Market Samurai tool is a MUST for newbies!

    Thanks & Happy New Year 2012


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