Man Vs. Termites: Weekly Round Up

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This week my family had to clear everything out of all our wardrobes, closets, and kitchen cabinets.  While we were in North America for our furlough some flying termites (dry wood terminates) decided to infest all our external wood items.  Fortunately these termites do not get into the wood support in the house.  However, we did need to have an exterminator come and spray around the house. 



This is the mess caused by the project.  It raised a question in my mind – how do I know when I have too much stuff?

I’m now a Staff Writer At Moolanomy:

In addition to my regular posting at Bible Money Matters, I will also be doing some work with Moolanomy as a staff writer.  The frequency will vary depending on several factors, but you can track my articles through my Friday round up.  You can read my first article Why (and How) To Review Your Monthly Credit Card Statement.

MH4C on the web: Carnival and More …

Best of Money Carnival #18 – This carnival selects the top ten financial articles posted in the previous week.  My post Six Habits of the Financially Fit was selected as number seven.

Carnival of Personal FinanceWhat is the cheapest way to exchange foreign currency?

Money Hacks CarnivalHow should you fund your small business?

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights -

Staff writer article posted at Moolanomy – Why (and How) To Review Your Monthly Credit Card Statement.

Guest post published at FreeMoneyFinance – Six Lies We Tell Ourselves That Keep Us Financially Ignorant.

Weekly article posted at Bible Money Matters – Are You Wealthy or Generous?

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Articles I enjoyed reading this week:

Christianpf – Is asking for a discount appropriate? Before you say, “sure, of course”, be sure you read the post.  Do we unintentionally (or intentionally) manipulate fellow Christians with whom we do business?

Frugal Dad says Stop Feeling Sorry For Me, I’m Frugal Not Broke.  I know what you mean! Just this week someone offered to buy something for me because they thought I needed it.  Truth is, I made a decision not to get the item. 

John Piper encourages Christians to Give to the One who Begs from You.  A good discussion on “radical, gospel generosity.”

Bible Money Matters reminds us that Managing Your Money is an Exercise in Both Mathematics and Psychology.  How true.  I spent a lot of time thinking it was just about math.  Having now talked with many people about finances, I would say psychology is a greater part of the equation than math.

Financial Highway introduces some Self Reinforcing Tips To Reach Your Financial Goals.  In life we sometimes need a pat on the back.  Rewarding ourselves along the way might just help us get our finances under control. 

Provident Planning asks Who actually believes in Index Fund investing and other boring investment ideas?  Boring investments actually leave us in good company. 

Five Cent Nickel encourages you to Start your own “Extended Warrantee Fund”.  A great way to take care of warrantees in house and save some cash along the way.

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