Lazy Boy Thanksgiving Vs. Work Boot Thanksgiving

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I’m thankful for Thanksgiving.

In the Bible, thanksgiving is a fundamental attribute of the Christian.  Thanksgiving helps to open our eyes to the many ways we’ve been blessed.  Our response to thanksgiving should first be praise and second, action.

For what do we have to be thankful?  Here are some of the items on my list:

  • Intimacy with God.  I’m thankful for the gift of Jesus and the relationship I can enjoy with my Creator.
  • Family.  I have a wife I love deeply and children I adore.
  • Ministry.  God’s allowed me to preach and teach this fall at several different churches in different states and countries.
  • Health.  Several months ago a doctor removed skin cancer from my arm and neck.
  • Extended family.  We’ve been blessed to live in the same town as my in-laws.
  • Income. I have a steady job that provides beyond the necessities of my family.
Of course, the list goes on.

We can do two things with our thanksgiving.

Lazy Boy Thanksgiving

A person who practices lazy boy thanksgiving says:

I’m thankful for all I have.  I will use what I receive to make myself comfortable.  I will use what I have to sit back and relax.  I will use what I have to bask in the blessing of all these resources.

This is a person who recognizes blessings without responsibility.  This is a person who is a dam where all the blessings of God are blockaded by ones own self interests.

Thanksgiving becomes fuel for self indulgence and pride at ones accomplishments.

Work Boot Thanksgiving

A person who practices work boot thanksgiving says:

I’m thankful for all I have.  I recognize that I have a responsibility with all I have received.  I will put what I have to work in the Kingdom of God.  

Thanksgiving becomes a fuel for action in the kingdom of God.

My Thanksgiving Prayer for you:

Stop. Recognize. Realize. Remember.

See what God has done for your and for your family.

Count. Survey. Investigate.

Total up the many ways that God is working.

Go. Work. Share. Help. Assist.

In your thanksgiving, find the call –  the call to go. The call to work. The call to share. The call to help. The call to assist.

When we survey all that we have been blessed with, our hearts must turn upward and our eyes outward.

Lord, teach us how you want us to respond as we recognize our blessings.  Help to show us the burden of our prosperity.

May God bless you as you celebrate thanksgiving with your family and loves ones.

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