It’s December, WOW: Roundup

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The clock is ticking.  Christmas is coming.  While most of you are enjoying the cold weather we are dealing with temperatures in the mid 90’s.  Our air conditioning went out in the truck this week so I do wish I was in a cooler climate.

I’ve updated my post on 9 Random Facts About Me (and one lie).  Check of the post and you’ll see the lie crossed out.

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I received the following information in an email:

If you join Sound Mind Investing as a subscriber or web member before Dec. 25, we’ll send you a copy of The Sound Mind Investing Handbook absolutely free! (That’s a $24.99 value!)

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My Articles Around The Web

Moolanomy – A Christmas Gift Card Giving Guide.  Are gift cards the perfect gift or the lazy person’s excuse for Christmas shopping?  This post even addresses what to do with those unused gift cards.

There was some great discussion on How Much Money Do You Save By Wearing Nice Clothes?

This week at Cash Money Life I discussed Mastering the Art of Guilt Free Shopping.  If you want to rob Peter to pay Paul that is fine, but it is not an option to rob both Peter and Paul. If one part increases, the other must decrease.

Christianpf posted my article on 5 Ways to Show Kids Love Without Spending a Dollar.  Does how much you spend on your kids say anything about how much you love them?  This post introduces my thoughts on the subject as well as five ways to communicate love without emptying your pocket.

Articles I Enjoyed Reading This Week

This week we had the pleasure of a guest post from Joel at Credit Card Chaser – 5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your First Business.  Joel had a busy week as he published a fascinating article at Financial Samurai called Domain Name Investing 101: Online Real Estate as an Asset Class.  I’m not sure how much money you really can make from domain names, but if you want to buy my asking price is $1,000,000.00.  In addition you should know that Joel is also offering an opportunity to Win $500 in the 2009 Credit Card Chaser Love/Hate Credit Cards Contest.

Bob at Christianpf wrote an article that addresses the Prosperity Gospel, Poverty Gospel, and the Gospel.  Bob’s post was in response to The Simple Dollar’s post – Some Thoughts on the Prosperity Gospel.  In my opinion the prosperity gospel is one of those things that has enough ‘kernels of truth’ that a lot of people buy in completely and end up taking the Biblical teachings to an unhealthy extreme.  Great discussion!

Gather Little By Little introduces 4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Achieve Your Financial Goals.  Every New Years I set personal goals so I was thankful for a little help on the subject. 

Traveling this holiday season?  Be sure to check out 5 Little-Known Websites That Will Save You Time and Money When Booking Airfare Online.

Frugal Dad starts a great discussion on Life After Debt: Is It Easier On The Other Side?  In the post Frugal Dad shares his experiences after recently becoming debt free (congrats!).  Is the debt free life as cozy as everyone says?  I wholeheartedly say yes. 


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