Investing in Your Marriage

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Marriage takes work.

There are many things we can invest. We invest time. We invest energy. We invest money.

When we think about investments, we primary think about the things we do with our money. Indirectly, we’re investing our time because exchanging time for money is one of the primary ways people make money in North America.

That’s why it’s hard to watch your returns dwindle away during periods of market weakness (as we’re currently witnessing).

I’m a husband and father. I have kids who are ages 6, 4, and 2. Needless to say, our lives are busy, and sometimes it can be hard to get time with each other.

As we’ve been visiting with people in our stage of life, they often talk about (1) how hard, and (2) expensive it is to get away.

Reading between the lines, they’re saying it might require more than they are willing to invest. It’s simply a matter of choice. How, when, and where do you spend your time, energy, and money?

My theory is that marriage is a worthy investment.

A good marriage is not something that magically happens (unless you still believe in a fairy godmother).

Marriage, like so many things in life, is bound by the laws of cause and effect. You get out of it what you put into it.

And so, I’ll be the first to say, I invest a lot of time and effort into other things, and sometimes I claim those things make me too busy to invest in marriage. But marriage needs to be a priority, not a luxury if one can afford the time, effort, and energy.

If you have the money available to take your spouse on a date, then I think that’s a good use of your money. It’s a good investment.

Don’t have any money? Don’t worry. You can still make an investment in your marriage.

A few years ago my wife and I had Sunday night ‘at home’ date nights after we put the kids to bed. We’d alternate planning the date, and we had two rules.

  1. It couldn’t cost any money
  2. It had to be new. No recycling of ideas.

You know what? Those Sunday nights didn’t require a sacrifice of money, but they did require a sacrifice of energy, planning, and preparation.

Even without money involved, we had to invest something – we had to intentionally invest in our marriage.

If you’re looking at the markets and feeling down because you’ve received so little from your investments, then it is probably time to re-evaluate where you are and ask if there is anything more important in which you should also be investing.

What are you investing into your marriage? Have you found that it yields good returns?



  1. theresia says

    I think this is a good article that you shared already for everyone, especially for me so I can learn and practice it when I get married someday. Thks

    God bless your family

    • says

      Thanks. When you do get married if you invest as much in your marriage as you do in other things you’ll experience a tremendous blessing.

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