Investing in Your Marriage – A Great Rate of Return

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Today I am celebrating nine years of marriage to a magnificent, Godly wife.  My wife is an extremely loving and selfless mother.  She is a kind and caring individual who continuously amazes me. I’m sure you did not come to this site just to read about my wife, but I wanted to express my love and appreciation to her before I continued.

Divorces cost.  They cost emotionally.  They cost spiritually.  They cost financially.  Lately, I have been hearing the phrase, “marriage is grand and divorce is fifty grand.”  The actual cost of a divorce will differ greatly form case to case.

Want a great way to save yourself emotional strain, spiritual concern, and financial pressure?  Take proactive steps to safe guard your marriage.  When you work to improve your marriage save you in so many different ways.  There are many ways to invest in your marriage.  Want the good news?  This is a investment that does not require any (much) money but has a great return.

Several tips for investing in your marriage are listed below:

  • Go on dates with your spouse on a regular basis.  Just remember dates do not need to be expensive.  Be creative.  If you have kids ask a grandparent to baby sit, join a baby sitting co-op, trade baby sitting with friends, or see if your local church has any babysitting programs.
  • Find time away from conversations distractions like internet, computer games, television, newspapers, books.  Create opportunities for conversation.  You can take a walk, unplug all the electronic gadgets, or just sit outside.  There is no substitute for talking heart to heart.
  • Get on the same page financially.  Money is often listed or cited as a leading cause of divorce.  Having trouble agreeing?  Read something together to begin a conversation (how about this blog).  Visit with someone from your church.  Seek counseling.  Money issues, if unaddressed, will always continue to escalate within a marriage.
  • Experience something new.  Novelty offers a new experience that brings couples closer together.
  • Here is my final idea – don’t forget your anniversary.

A special note to my readers.  Typically my wife proof reads all my posts as I have notoriously poor grammar.  As you can imagine I thought it would be best if I published this post on my own.  So to those of you with a finicky eye for English spelling and grammar I offer you my deepest apologies.

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  1. says

    Divorce does costs a lot! That is the last that will ever comes to mind whenever something bad happened to your relationship. And as much as possible, take away the thought of filing for a divorce.
    Thank you for sharing this list of tips for investing in marriage.. that will surely save a marriage too.

    kate’s last blog post..How to win your love back

  2. Joe says

    I have a question that relates to this topic. My fiance and I are both biblically able to remarry, and both have properties in our names. We have made the decision to make her house the marital home, because her children are younger and have been through 2 recent moves, and have finally established themselves there. The problem arises in the fact that the property I own is co-owned with my sister, and my mother lives there. My mother has the right to live there until she dies. My fiance is afraid that by not being able to invest into the marital property immediately I will feel like I have no say in the household and will feel like a lesser partner. I don’t feel this way, at
    this time, but we are looking for ideas on what can be done to mitigate this impact. Her main concern is that spiritually it will not be the proper way for the marriage to begin. She seems concerned that I don’t see an issue with it. Any ideas?

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