Introducing the Money Mavens Network

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Who is better: Batman or Superman?  It completely depends on the situation.

Every great superhero has some superb strengths, but they also have glaring weaknesses.  With Superman, any one of us could take him down with just an ounce of Kryptonite. 

But, put Superman and Batman together and they would definitely be stronger than the sum of the individual parts.

In the same way, a group of personal finance bloggers, including Money Help For Christians, have teamed up to create the Money Mavens Network

The Money Mavens Network is a group of personal finance bloggers who have teamed up to help offer each other support and resources, as well as offering their readers some fantastic exposure to other blogs that focus on a different sub-niche within the personal finance field. 

The Money Mavens Network Participants

Money Help For Christians will be in the network with …

Canadian Finance Blog – I am excited about teaming up with Tom because I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t deal with Canadian financial topics enough.  I have a solid readership from Canada, but early on had to make a conscious decision to target Americans.  In the process, I have not focused much on Canadian financial issues.  For my Canadian readers, this means in my roundups I’ll be highlighting some Canadian specific information for you.

Enemy of Debt – Brad is a passionate personal finance bloggers who wants to inspire others to get out of debt.  I’m not quite sure if he does or doesn’t like debt, but hopefully if I continue reading his blog I’ll find out :).  Brad gives debt two thumbs down, and if you are in debt, Brad has a lot of great articles to give you some guidance.

JoeTaxpayer – Joe loves paying taxes.  In fact, he would probably pay your taxes too if you let him.  Don’t be deceived. Joe doesn’t just write about taxes, but covers a variety of personal finance topics. 

Len Penzo dot Com – I forget who writes Len Penzo dot Com, but when you read this site, you get the real deal.  Oh, I remember.  His name is Len Penzo.  Len seeks to add a little spice to the topic of personal finance.  When you read his stuff, you’ll definitely smile and you’ll even learn a thing or two. 

The Oblivious Investor – Mike provides solid investing advice for anyone currently in the investing stage of life.  During weekly roundups, I found myself gravitating towards the Oblivious Investor, so I’m looking forward to recommending some of his quality articles.

Fiscal Geek – Every group needs their little geek.  Well, we couldn’t find a little geek (Paul is 6’4), but at least we found a big one.  Paul deals with broad topics on personal finances and always ads his own voice to help make Fiscal Geek both informative and entertaining.

Wealth Pilgrim – Neal often writes about topics that intersect between life and money.  It seems as though Neal recognizes that money affects life and life affects money.  Using a holistic approach to finances, you’ll find that by reading Wealth Pilgrim your relationships will improve – not just your finances. 

Green Panda Treehouse – Young adults and college students will find great information over at Green Panda Treehouse.  The site deals with topics relating to young adult finances.  Mike has recently started writing this blog, so it is exciting to see the direction of the blog in the near future. 

If you want to read a full description of each site, you can check out the Money Mavens page on my site.  By the way, on my sidebar I now have a list of the most recent post from each of the above blogs.  This way you can always keep up with what is happening around the Money Mavens Network.

Now, I encourage you to take time today to visit each of these sites.


  1. says

    Congrats you guys on creating your own network. I know having the Money Life Network was integral to helping me take my blog to the next level. While our network isn’t active much anymore, it definitely serves a great purpose, and I’m sure we’ll see great things from you guys!

  2. says

    Thanks for inviting me Craig, I’m terribly happy to be part of this fantastic group of bloggers. I do like the analogy, I’m thinking of the League of Justice. I’m just wondering who’s going to be springing for our cool meeting place, I’m thinking one of the Mikes. Also I’d prefer not to be either of the Wonder Twin’s or Aqua Man because I don’t look good in orange. Maybe Green Lantern.
    .-= Paul @ FiscalGeek´s last blog ..Introducing the Money Mavens Network =-.

  3. says


    Before I met you I thought Papua New Guinea was something they served in British pubs. Who knew!

    Anyway, thanks for deciding to include this class clown into your network. I appreciate the opportunity! You have assembled a really cool group of guys and I look forward to the coming year!!

    (By the way, since you are the leader here, if Paul isn’t going to take ownership of the Aqua Man suit, can I have it? )

    All the best,

    .-= Len Penzo´s last blog ..Eight Extraordinary Bloggers (and Me): Introducing The Money Mavens Network =-.

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