Internet in the Jungle – Amazing: Roundup

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100_0725This picture was taken across the bay from Alotau – my hometown.  The buildings at the base of the mountain are in Alotau. 

Our family just returned from a nice relaxing vacation at Ulumani Village. 

The simple cottage is nestled in the thick forest of the Milne Bay Province.  For a few hours a day a generator provides the necessary electricity for lights, fans, and refrigeration.  It is, so I thought, a rustic get away.

Before the trip my wife and I discussed the possibility of taking my computer.

I could take it, but then I’d be tempted to do some writing.  I could leave it, but then I’d be frustrated if I stayed up later than the rest of the family.

I was amazed to find out (after a day) that the bungalow roof is one of the highest buildings in the region so our internet company uses a receiver to send out internet all around town.  There I was in the jungle with internet – amazing. 

While I was amazed, my wife was dismayed (but, I mostly stayed off line anyway)!  I even had time to teach my daughter to snorkel and take my son for “crocodile rides”.

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100_0720Boys from the local village enjoy taking their canoes out to find fish. 

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