1. zina says

    Hi Craig, Thank you for your informative article! I am currently living in Germany but am American and continue to need an American banking account. Do you think an ING direct account could replace my Bank of America account? Right now I can transfer money from my German account to my American account with no problem. We do pay a monthly fee for our Bank of America account though.
    Thanks for any help you can give!

    • says

      You will need a valid US residence to get an ING account. If, however, you can still get ING you should because of the checking features. You can sign into your acocunt and sent a check to anywhere in the US for free. We live overseas and this makes writing checks so easy for us.
      You will need to check with ING to see if they have any fees for accepting international wire transfers in a foreign currency. If they do you could use a free service like ( to make free transfers.

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