ING Direct 1% Cash Back Debit Card Promotion

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For a limited time, the ING Direct Electric Orange debit card now gives you 1% Cash Back.  I’m not sure how wide reaching this promotion is, but if you are an ING Electric Orange account holder, you may be interested in the following announcement:

  • Runs October 1st through November 30th
  • Good on card purchases under $50
  • No registration needed
  • Your rebate will be placed into your account by the 15th of the next month

Random Updates

The last three weeks have been crazy around here.  We hosted a church conference. Here’s a post my wife wrote if you want to know what’s involved in a ‘kibung’.

In the last three months we’ve had company for a total of six weeks.  It has been so much fun!  If you have kids and there are Christians traveling through your town, try hosting people.  It will bless your family life. 

The Money Mavens family (really a network, but if feels more like a family) is growing.  This month we’ve added The Military Wallet, Deliver Away Debt, Monevator, and The Centsible Life

I had to laugh when I got this message when someone unsubscribed from my blog today – “YOU ARE BORING AS MUD DRYNG !!!,,,,DUDE!”  I guess everyone doesn’t like my writing style.  I think there was a time when this message would have bothered me, but my shell is getting a little more crusty as I get more feedback.

Just in case anyone else thinks I’m boring, here are some of the …

Best Personal Finance Articles This Week

Five Cent Nickel wonders Credit Card Annual Fees: Should You Close Your Account?.  My answer – just because a cc has a fee doesn’t mean you should cancel it, but grab a calculator and be sure what you are spending is worth what you get.

Cash Money Life asks Should You Make Biweekly Mortgage Payments?.  Personally, I make biannual mortgage payments.

The Monevator suggests Five reasons why you’ll love index investing.

The Simple Dollar discusses Pay Cash or Not? Cash Flow Versus Liquidity.

Canadian Finance Blog offers 10 Ways To Save Money On A Birthday Party.

Free Money Finance shares some Jewish Thoughts on Wealth.

The Military Wallet tells 10 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly


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