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Email and RSS Not Functioning

I am currently aware of an issue I am having with my email subscriptions and RSS feed – emails and feeds are not being sent out.  I have been attempting to troubleshoot the problem, but unless you are receiving this post via email or RSS the issue is continuing.  I will try and get the feed up and running again as soon as possible.  If anyone has any experience, tips, or suggestions, please let me know (mhforc [at]  In the meantime you will need to visit to keep up with my articles.

As of 11/27/09 EST I beleive this issue is resolved. The RSS is up and running and you should get an email in the morning.

New: Comment Policy

I have just added a comment policy so if you’re interested – take a look

How to Add A Comment

You’ll notice that at the end of most posts I ask a question.  You are always encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas – even if you disagree with me.

To leave a comment simply visit the website.  If you subscribe by feed or email you click on the article title and you will be automatically redirected to the correct post. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a comment box.

Enter your name, email address (will not be displayed) and website (if applicable).  Simply type in your comment and hit submit.  Remember, if it is your first time to comment I will review the comment before it is published.

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