I’m On Vacation Roundup

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While you are reading this, I’m here.  Relaxing. [Update: With all the business I forget to schedule this to post on Friday.  I was away from internet access so you’ll have to settle for a late Sunday evening roundup :)].

This week we emptied all the wardrobes in every room.  We took everything out of every kitchen cabinet.  It felt an awful lot like we’re moving.  We’re doing our best to rid our house of the dry wood termite issue we’ve been having lately. 

Today is a no work day for me.  In my stead, I leave you with a roundup of articles I enjoyed reading before I left for vacation.

Money Crashers has a list of the top personal finance blogs.

My most recent Currency article is live – Questions to Ask Before You Sign the Lease.

Canadian Finance Blog – P/E Ratio – What Is A Price To Earnings Ratio?

Enemy of Debt is Introducing EOD Basic 3.0: Made for Newbies, but Perfect for Everyone.

Five Cent Nickel has Dave Ramsey’s House: Living Like No One Else.

Monevator has a compound interest calculator.

Joetaxpayer – how to withdraw money from your IRA (without penalty)

ChristianPF – 7 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy a Home

Centible Life  – Getting over mommy guilt – Kelly says dads can get it too.

Len Penzo – 13 Yucky Halloween Treats

Wealth Pilgrim – Find a Second High Paying Job Using Craigslist.

Things are going strong with the Yakezie Network.  You could check out the Yakezie blog if you haven’t visited the site yet.

Yakezie Carnival, Carnival of Wealth, Canadian Finance Carnival, Carnival of Personal Finance.


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