My Hunts Tomato Can Looked Like it Might Explode So I Called the 1800 Number

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2014-02-19 08.17.35When I got home, my wife told me to take a look in the box which was the former residence of 8 cans of Hunts Tomatoes.

The last can looked like it was charred.

I have no idea if the power went off at the manufacuting plant and the employees decided that they needed to keep warm from the heat of burning cans of Hunts Tomatoes, but this can had a serious problem.

I did something that I’ve only done one other time in my life. I called the 1-800 corporate number to let them know that I wasn’t satisfied with the condition of the can.

I had a little trouble describing the problem with the can.  After a few minutes, the lady apologized and said there wasn’t much she could do if it was just a problem with the packaging.  Once I explained that it looked like the can could explode, she was a little more sympathetic and offered to send me 8 $2.00 coupons to replace the cost of the product we purchased.

I’ve only called a 1-800 number one other time.  Here’s the story.

My wife and I usually buy Hormel Bacon from Sam’s Club.  We’ll buy the three pound package and freeze the bacon individually to use later.

While I was out of town, my wife got a package of bacon and it was a lot fattier than we were used to seeing.  The very next time we bought the same bacon it had a lot more fat on it again.

I called the 1-800 number just to ask if they’d changed something – manufacturing plant … quality control ???  The phone representative apologized for the condition of the bacon and sent us 2 $10 coupons to replace the value of the bacon we had purchased.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth calling to report that sort of thing, but I’m a guy who is put off by the principle of buying something and getting a less-than-promised product.  Some of my friends have said that they never have, nor would they ever call about that sort to thing.  Made me wonder if I’m the only person who would call to complain or notify the company of an issue.

What about you?

Would you call if you received a damaged grocery product?  Have you ever had to call and complain about a grocery product or other product?  Was the situation resolved to your satisfaction?


  1. Wes Smith says

    Having worked for a manufacturer of PCs, we used these types of calls to improve our products and processes. While it may not be worth your personal time to make a call for small coupon, it helps the producer of the product. When customer feedback is given in a constructive manner, it is a great help to the producer. Providing respectful feedback to companies is part of being a good neighbor to the hundreds or thousands of people involved in producing and delivering the product. Please make the call and help the companies improve the products.

  2. Mark Farr says

    I always feel a responsibility to let them know. Assuming they have good intentions seems to be a good way to live. Once I bought a 12 pack of Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn that had only 11 packs inside. I called the number and reported politely and was surprised to receive a new car! Well….I wish. They sent me coupons for two free packs! It was worth the 5 minutes.

    Thanks for your posts and the great work you are doing.

  3. Chris Abreu says

    I have called in the past, and in all honesty during my younger days I called with the intention of getting something out of it. Nowadays if I do call, which is rare, it is because something is very very wrong, but even then I never expect any more than fixing the issue at hand and always with a “please” and “thank you.” I wish I had more experience being on the other end of the call when I was younger, it teaches you a thing or two.

  4. says

    Companies, generally, respond positively to polite complaints; if it’s important enough for me to purchase in the first place, it’s important enough to have the company make it right. Just another, albeit smaller, way to practice good stewardship.

  5. says

    Absolutely. A few months ago we bought some cheese sticks and spotted something that didn’t look right in one of them. We called and they sent us a check to cover the cost of the entire package. I think most companies will want to make things right.

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