How Wealth Can Strengthen Your Relationship With God

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Almost every day, my wealth causes me to say a little prayer.  The length and the words vary, but here is the essence of my prayer:

“God, I thank you for all the ways you have blessed me.  You are an amazing God who has given me much more than I deserve.”

Today I wanted to tell you how wealth can strengthen your relationship with God.

Wealth is a constant reminder of God’s presence in your life.

When I look at what I have, it reminds me that God is with me.  He did not abandon me.  He did not forsake me.  In fact, he did more than ignore the obvious punishment I deserved.  He offered me a life in fullness and abundance.

Wealth is a visual symbol of God’s love.

God is life’s gift giver.  God gives because he loves.  When I think of what I have, I think there must be a loving God who is providing it.  Why?  What possible reason does God have for blessing me?  I guess for some strange reason he loves me.   

Wealth enhances my realization that I deserve nothing.

When I sit down and reflect on everything I have, it quickly makes me realize that I don’t deserve it.  I do work hard, but I was given far too many opportunities to learn the value of hard work.  I did study a lot, but that would not have been possible if I didn’t have the money to pay for school.  I don’t deserve what I have.

So why do I have it?  For me, God is the source of everything good in my life.  I’ll look to him anytime I get a blessing – material or non-material – that I don’t deserve.

Wealth is a gift that God offers so we get to experience the joy of being givers.

I think the hardest thing about poverty would be missing out on the joy of giving.  To wish you had more to give, but feel limited by what you own.  If we are made in the nature of God, then when we do things God wills, it brings joy and satisfaction.  When we give, we have a chance to experience the joy of giving – a joy that comes from God.

But, what if I’m not wealthy?

Here’s the deal.  When we speak about all of these realities about God and wealth, we must not make an inverse application.  In other words, we cannot say:

God is not present in the lives of those who are not wealthy.  Nor do we say that God does not love those who are not wealthy. 

Why then does suffering and poverty exist?

To that question, I wish I had the answer, but the closest I can get is because of sin and corruption.  No, I’m not talking about personal sins of the poor, but the corporate sins that have been committed.

So, can the poor be thankful?

I’m amazed as I listen to the prayer of the poor.  They thank God for his blessings, for his provisions, and for his substance. 

What are you thankful for that God has blessed you with?  Is there always a reason to be thankful to God, or only those who are enjoying the good life?


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    I’m thankful for the small group that I meet with every week. It’s been great going through life and growing together.

    It’s not easy, but scripture does talk about being thankful in all circumstances (1 Thes. 5:18). Maybe it’s good that we don’t have all the things we want, though this isn’t easy to deal with either. Otherwise, we might just forget about God (Prov. 30: 8-9).

    I guess I’m in the scripture quoting mood today!
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