How to Smile When Pandas Try to Eat Your Business

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A couple of weeks ago this blog suffered a serious blow.

A recent change to how Google ranks pages when you search for Google had a very negative impact on the level of traffic this site receives.  With less traffic comes … less income.

A lot less.

You might wonder why this would be such a big deal to me.  You may or may not know that I started this blog nearly two years ago.  Very early on, I decided I wanted to use this income to allow a more location independent lifestyle so I could do different forms of ministry.

Over the last two years, I’ve been up by 5 a.m. every morning (except Sundays) so that I can do some work on this blog before I spend time with my family and start my ‘real job’ as a missionary.

I won’t drag you through all the mud, but I’ve sacrificed a lot for this website because I firmly believe that God will use this as a vehicle to allow me to do vocational ministry in places where people couldn’t afford a minister.

When the traffic dropped, I felt:

Reaction #1 – Shock

Reaction #2 – An internal drive to fix the problem

Reaction #3 – Paralyzed by uncertainty

Reaction #4 – A need to trust God

I’m embarrassed to say that it took a few days before I fully hit stride with the trust factor. 

While my first reactions were mostly negative, I’ve come to find several blessings in the experience.

Here are the blessings:

  1. I’ve spent more time in prayer over this website than I have in the previous months.
  2. A door has been opened for me to re-invent and re-explore and re-create how I can reach and touch people online.
  3. You can’t buy this kind of opportunity for growth.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on higher education.  Now, for free, I get to learn about life, learn about ministry, and learn about how to run a business. 

Initially, I had three goals for this blog in 2011

  1. Manage the Boss
  2. Fulltime income
  3. Another eBook

I’m so thankful that I revised my goal for this year, making it my first priority to help people.  I get emails almost every day from people who have a financial question.  I’m thankful that God allows me the opportunity to reach those people.

Fortunately, the helping factor cannot be removed by Google.  I still feel proud of the articles I’ve written, and I believe that God is using this website to bless people.

I’ve always wondered how God works through business.  I don’t know that it was an edict from the Almighty that my site got left in the dust, but I’m going to interpret these events through spiritual eyes.  I’m currently asking myself, “God, what do you want me to learn, and how do you want me to respond?

What’s Going to Change at MH4C?

I’m not sure I can fully answer that yet.  This might all blow over, and I might laugh about it in a few weeks.  However, this might be the new reality.  Even if this season passes, I want to learn and adjust. 

In The Leadership Challenge, James Kouzes and Barry Posner write:

“What can be learned from the experience [a failure]?” The two very finest teachers of the business are named trial and error.

They go on to say:

This optimistic appraisal of events increases their capacity to take decisive steps to alter the situation.  Instead of avoiding the problem, they choose action to confront – and control – it.

As such, I do feel like this is a great time for me to rethink and recreate.

For now, the biggest change you’ll see is fewer articles per week (probably two per week plus Friday giving stories). 

How Can You Help?

There is one thing you can do to help.

If you read an article on this website and you like it or think it is a useful article would you be willing to Tweet it or ‘Like’ it on Facebook?

If you read an article on this website and you like it or think it is a useful article, would you be willing to Tweet it or ‘Like’ it on Facebook?

It’s really simple to do.  

At the bottom of every article (see below), you can just click on the appropriate button:

  1. Retweet/Tweet – will redirect to Twitter with a shortened link to the article
  2. Share – will redirect you to Facebook with a link to the article
  3. Email – allows you to email the article to a friend
  4. PDF – get a printer friendly PDF version of the article

By Tweeting or Sharing on Facebook, you help Google recognize this is a legitimate site respected by the community.  In the summer I hope to design a Facebook page for this site.  I’ve been avoiding it now because of my slow and costly internet.

If you have a website, you are always more than welcome to link to favorite articles you read at Money Help For Christians.

Thanks for all of your support!


  1. says

    Yes, I agree that many people took a blow, but as you say…just keep turning out good content, and they Google bots will like you. The more social media love you get, the better (aka, through Retweets and Facebook Likes). Speaking of which, you might want to try replacing your “Share” button with Google’s “Like” button. NOw, when you “Like” a blog post, it posts that article their Facebook page. Pretty darn powerful. Take care.

  2. says

    I agree … fundamentally, the “principals” of blogging are what’s most important:
    1) Create high-quality content, and
    2) Socialize with others by commenting on other people’s sites and linking to their blogs (when you help promote others, you help promote yourself).

    I believe that as long as you follow a principal-centered approach, the rest (the rewards, the SEO) will naturally follow.

  3. says

    I am with Dr.Tim,
    I happen to think that Google is heavily using twitter and even more facebook data in their ranking algo. But having been doing this for a while Craig, just keep on keeping on. I’ve gone through numerous moments like you went through, but just keep trusting & obeying God and it will all work itself out…

  4. says

    Craig, I love your blog, appreciate you and all the work you’ve put into this. I’ve never met you in person, but do feel like I’ve gotten to know you and certainly your Christian values in your writing. I just want to offer some encouragement because God’s plan for you and this blog is perfect. Keep trusting and following your passion. God gave it to your for a reason. I’m looking forward to more great stuff from you here at Money Help for Christians!

    • says

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      It is amazing to see what God can and does work out in our lives because he always has a plan.

      God is good.

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