1. jarthurford says

    I have used Constant Contact ( for a couple of years. Many of the same characteristics. I like the scheduling ability, ability to have people in different groups and the fact that a link can be placed on my website for people to sign up. Pricing is much the same as aweber. They do offer discounts if you elect to pay for 6 mo or a year at a time. The discount is 30% to non prophets who pay annually.

    Having said that I will check out mailchimp as my list is much less than 500.

  2. says

    I’ve used Streamsend for one of my newsletter for a couple years. I am starting my new site / newsletter with Aweber and love it so much I will be migrating my other newsletter to them as well.

    If you think you will grow past 500 subscribers and want to use Aweber, I’d encourage you start with Aweber NOW. They do not allow you to import lists from another service without your subscribers having to opt-in again….when this happens you are likely to lose 30% or more of your readers because they will not perform this action.

    There are other advantages to Aweber that will probably grow on you (reporting, split tests, auto responders etc), but as far as the basic functions, most of the services operate relatively the same…assuming their deliverable rate is comparable.


    • Craig says

      Thanks for you comment. You had a lot of good points.
      As for as starting out with Aweber, I think you need to know what you plan to do with your list. I anticipate it will take me over a year to grow my list to 500. In that time I’ll save over $300. If someone won’t confirm an email address when I change they are not likely to be active readers anyway. If I was aggressively building a mailing list then Aweber would probably be a better choice.

      By the way, MailChimp also allows you to do reporting, split tests, and auto responders. Both seem like great services, but I’ve only used MailChimp.

  3. Arne says

    Nice try… putting up that affiliate marketing link for Aweber and not even linking to the Mailchimp website. Not exactly a fair omparison. Then again, I expect nothing less from a Christian website.

    • says

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’m actually an affiliate for both Aweber and Mailchimp so it is my loss that I forgot to link MailChimp.
      I’m not sure what neglecting to link something has to do with being a Christian.

    • says

      Simple – Man forgot to put a link but I have just put in a browser mailchimp and added dot com and am actually doing my first email list through mailchimp right now – I’d say thanks to Craig the info really helped me setup a first email list as I am new so this article helped me – simple really – great comparision I believe and worthy of a thumbs up and 5 star rating – everyone makes a mistake including you Arne – you made a spelling mistake I am hardly going to go blind in one eye :)
      Thanks again Craig :)

  4. says

    Thanks for the post! I don’t know much about creating an e-mail subscription list either. I think, given the info here, I’ll probably go with mailchimp because it’s free.. but I’m going to look up that affiliate program first.

    • says

      I’m glad you found the article helpful. Mailchimp is a good service. They’ve recently increased their free subscribers upto 1000 so that is a nice incentive.

  5. says

    Hello, I’ve checked into using MailChimp a couple of times as many of my missionary friends have switched to it. However, I like to save the file with the newsletter and then delete the emails; for some reason MailChimp’s letters are embedded in the email. I find this frustrating. Also, I use a page layout program to format my letters and I send my newsletters out in PDF. This will not seem to work with MailChimp. Bottom line: I like the list features of MailChimp (I get really tired of having to update my address list after each mailing), but do not like the apparent formatting limitations of the service. Any ideas?

    • says

      I’m not all that familiar with MailChimp. When I used MailChimp to send our my missionary newsletters I just used one of the templates. I’ve never attempted to send a PDF. Sorry, that I couldn’t be more helpful.

    • Art Ford says

      I use mailchimp in a similar way.

      I’m not sure I understand the first concern totally, but while mailchimp doesn’t allow pdf attachments, you can now upload your pdf file as an attachment and then have it inserted, (in the same way you do pictures). When I use this, I use their blank format, create my header and then just put my pdf in there. If that doesn’t make sense contact me at and I will try to explain better.

      Seems to work fairly well for me.

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