How to Become a Super Hero (Capes Optional!)

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My mom being a hero

A hero isn’t someone who wears a crimson cape.

A hero is not someone who possesses super human strength.

A hero is someone who consistently does amazing things over a lifetime.

You want to know what amazes me?  The number of heroes who walk unrecognized on this planet.

I’m thinking about the retired man who volunteers at Meals on Wheels.  I’m thinking about the single mother who is raising two young kids.  I’m thinking about the hard working dad who wakes up before the sun rises so he can go to work.  I’m thinking about the church minister who’s always in the hospital waiting room.

On and on the list can go.

I wish more ‘normal’ people would be recognized for their superb contribution to our lives. I wish that grandma and grandpa could get as much press time as our favorite TV celebrity. I wish we’d learn to recognize those who really make a difference instead of drooling over people with already inflated egos.

Case Study: Romance Movies

I sometimes wonder if I’ve ever seen a real romance movie. I’ve seen a lot of movies where two people meet each other, have strong feelings towards each other, overcome a difficulty, and then get married as the movie ends.

What does any of that have to do with love?

Love is not a strong feeling that we chase after and eventually capture.

Where is the Hollywood movie about the husband, wife, and kids? Where is the family that struggles to make ends meet as they touch base for just a moment to coordinate schedules … Yet, they hold on to each other. In their worn down and fatigued resolve, they serve each other and honor each other.

That, dear friends, is where we find true love. That is where we witness a truly heroic marriage relationship.

That is romance.

As a result, today I’ll teach you how to be a superhero without the cape.

10 ways to be a superhero without any supernatural abilities

  1. Think not only of your own interests, but also the interests of others.
  2. Find satisfaction in service.
  3. Determine life’s true priorities and fanatically pursue those things.
  4. Be a mentor and let someone mentor you.
  5. Pursue truth over and above pleasure.
  6. Ask people about their lives and be prepared to listen.
  7. Clean up the mess. Do what others think is beneath them.
  8. Apologize when you make a mistake.
  9. Be a principle based person who does what is right, not just what is expedient or lucrative.
  10. Honor those who are older.

It’s a bland list, right?  None of these things will earn any of us press time.  But those are the characteristics of a true hero.

This article was originally published at Wisebread.  It has been revised and edited.

What are some more ways to be a superhero without any supernatural abilities?


  1. Mary says

    What a great post, Craig. I do have my own superhero…..his name is J.D. and he’s my late dad, who just died a month ago. What did he teach me? The most important thing was unconditional love! He loved me no matter what…..did I do wrong? You betcha! Did I disappoint him…..I know I did. But did he continue to love me? That was the best part. He taught me all about recognizing the love that our Father offers us…..and just how special it is.

    His life verse was Proverbs 3:5 & 6…..and the main thing he told me from those verses was “quit trying to figure it out all by yourself.” He knew me well…:-)

    I hope that others have had their own special superheroes…..and that they can put a face to them.


    • says


      Thanks for taking a moment to honor your dad. He sounds like a very special man. Though he has passed on his legacy is obviously continuing through the people he touched. May God comfort you during your period of mourning.

    • says

      You’re exactly right. Fireproof highlights a man who was indeed a hero. He didn’t save the world, but he saved his marriage.

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