How I Make My Roundup

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Every Friday (unless I forget or get lazy) I post a roundup here at MH4C (someone asked me this week what MH4C stands for – Money Help For Christians).

The roundups serve two primary functions:

1.  Gives me an opportunity to share any general announcements and updates.

2.  It gives me a chance to highlight other bloggers who are producing some really good content.

How do I make my roundup list?

Basically, I subscribe to a bunch of personal finance blogs.  That means I get tons of emails with personal finance articles.  When I see one the stands out, I put it in a folder.  Every Friday morning (your Thursday night) I go through that folder and decide what I want to include in this roundup.  I do like to link to fellow Money Maven Network members so you can expect to see their posts highlighted too.

Now here’s …

The Roundup

5 Things You Can Still Do To Increase Your Tax Refund! – strange to be thinking about getting ready for next year’s tax refund.  I just got my 2009 tax refund about two weeks ago.  What a pain in the neck.  I guess I need to get ready to turn around and file again.  Now here’s another similar post:  Year End Tax Moves.  I guess the end of the year is coming near.

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