How Do You Market Fear?

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With so many awful and fearful events happening in the world I am amazed at the number of people who PAY their hard earned money to go and be scared.  Seriously, think about it for just a second.  Here is the scenario:

A husband and wife come home late one evening, and as they walk into the house they hear a noise upstairs.  They turn on a light to see what is going on, and before they know it, a man is standing in front of them with a gun.

The crook: Don’t move or I’ll shoot.

Husband and Wife: Take whatever you want – just don’t hurt us.

Walking closely to the couple, the thief glares at them with devil-like intensity.  His finger flirting with the trigger.  Hands shaking with uncontrollable intensity.  In fear, the couple grasps hands and silently begins praying.  The robber make his choice – to run.

Relieved, the couple falls into each other’s hands for a long, loving embrace.

Wife: I love you so much.

Husband: You know what?  I think we can market that.  Don’t you think people would want to pay to experience what we just experienced – raw, natural fear?

Wife: You’re an idiot. I’m going to bed.

Yes, the above story was fictional.  But I repeat myself, who came up with the idea to market fear?  Why do people pay to be scared?  I guess this will just remain one of life’s great mysteries.  As you can tell, I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, but Happy Halloween anyway.

Speaking of fear: what is your greatest financial fear?

I think for me it is that my family would not be provided for in case I took the next train to heaven.  Some fear the creditor’s phone call.  Some fear not having enough money.  Some fear making an unwise financial decision.  Another might fear having too much.  What is your greatest financial fear?

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Good Reads From the Week:

Get Rich Slowly introduces The Pitfalls of Buying in Bulk.  I think we all go a little crazy when it comes to buying in bulk.  Yes, it is cheaper, but do you really need that much Tabasco sauce?

Personal Finance By the Book Introduces Six Tips For Buying a Car You Can Afford.  Joe puts together a great list, though I would add one more – make sure you are saving today for your next car even if you don’t have a newer car purchase on the horizon.

Suburban Dollar discusses the Sleeper Costs of Buying a Home.  I definitely agree with this one.  If you have ever bought a home you know there is more than meets the eye when it comes to calculating the cost of being a homeowner. 

Bob (from Christianpf) had a guest post at Wisebread where he introduced 10 Ways to Make Money for the MySpace Generation.  The article introduced me to a few new income earning opportunities. If you are trying to pay off debt with a second job you need to take a look at this post.

Gather Little By Little challenges you to Use your Emergency Fund to pay off your debt.  There are some inherent dangers with this, but I like posts that force us to put on our thinking caps and actually consider our personal financial situation.

What is your greatest financial fear?


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    While I think it is certainly wise to make provisions for our family if we should die first, there is no need to be fearful about their provisions. They will have the same provider then that they have now, and it is not you. It is God.
    .-= Terry Austin´s last blog ..Halloween and Hypocrisy =-.

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