How Can I Help You Reach Your Goals?

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Enough about me.  Looking back over this week’s posts, I didn’t like the fact that I talked about myself and my goals a lot.

So, now I want to talk about you.

What are your goals, dreams, and ambitions for 2011?

It’s a New Year.  As of today, your life easel is clean.  So what are you going to paint?

Are you going to spend the year waiting for someone to deliver the right colors to paint with? Sometimes we gripe, complain, and mope around because someone else didn’t give us what we needed to make our masterpiece.  But, as long as you have a couple of primary colors, you can make any master piece you want.

Are you going to keep putting off the picture you always wanted to paint? Sometimes we want to challenge ourselves to create something we’ve never attempted before.  But we’re afraid.  We’re afraid of what happens if we F-A-I-L.  So we shove that project in the corner and work on something that is safe.

Are you going to keep painting pictures that everyone else likes, but you hate? Sometimes we do things that others like even though we ourselves hate it.  We play music because our parents think we’re so good at it.  We put in extra hours at the job because our boss says so many positive things about us.

Are you going to allow yourself to be God’s masterpiece? Sometimes we think we create things when in fact we are the created.  The Creator is God, and he has us here for a reason.  Thus, we are both a creator and the created.  God makes us and places us here on this earth while he waits to see what we make of his Creation.

So, what are you going to make of 2011?  How are you going to be God’s masterpiece in 2011?  What can I do to help you reach your goals?

As I think about helping people reach their goals, I think about Neal, The Pilgrim.  Wealth Pilgrim, a fellow Money Maven blog, was hacked.  Today I’m going to send Neal some holiday luv by sharing some if his top articles:

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I guess it might help some folks with their goals if I gave money away.

Here are our December Amazon $15 comment winners:

Dave on How to Save Money on Car Insurance.  It’s a long comment, so visit the post to read the comment in full.

Scott F on How to Save Money on Home Repairs.

Just a quick note to let you know in 2011 I’m going to discontinue Money Saving Monday articles for a little while, but we might pick them up again in the future.

Hey, while I’m sharing articles, let me share some great articles with a New Years resolution focus.

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Some more great articles to consider reading …

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Carnival selections

Carnival of Wealth, Canadian Finance Carnival, Carnival of Money Stories,

Since I’ve shared a few favorite articles, I want to be sure you didn’t forget your assignment.  In the comment section below, tell me what are you going to make of 2011?  How are you going to be God’s masterpiece in 2011?  What can I do to help you reach your goals?


  1. says

    Hi Craig!

    I just found your blog. I am a new blogger, a Christian and a returning entrepreneur. I started my blog focused on debt free startups in November of this last year. I actuall just posted about me goals there:

  2. says

    My financial goals for this year are to increase my supplemental income through a few websites I own and use the extra money to pay off my 2nd mortgage and student loans. If I can do those three things I’ll have had a successful 2011 by financial standards.

    In other areas my big goal for this year is to find a place to actively serve others. I’m hoping it’s a Christian based ministry but I’m seeking The Lords guidance through prayer instead of picking something on my own. I may end up just serving at a non faith based homeless shelter. We’ll see.

    • says

      Paying off the 2nd mortgage and student loans sounds like a great goal. I love that you are trying to finding a place to actively serve othes. May God bless your effforts!

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