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$50 Cash Give Away

I know $50 is not a lot of money, but with 1 minute of your time, you can be entered for the giveaway to take place this Monday.

To enter, do as many of the following as you wish:

  1. Sign up for the MH4C Newsletter or daily emails (1 entry)
  2. Twitter Tweet or RT: $50 cash prize and free eBook @MH4Christians – http://wp.me/pwcF6-F4. RT msg to enter. (must have at least 20 followers) (1 entry)
  3. Leave a comment here (1 entry)

Contest ends at 11:59pm (EST) on 5/10/2010. The winner will be emailed (or DM’d on Twitter).

Have you picked up your free copy of The Bible and 21st Century FinancesGet your copy now.

Good Articles this Week

MH4C congratulates Debt Free Adventure for being nominated the Best Religious Finance Blog via the Plutus Awards.  Congrats also to Money Maven Member The Oblivious Investor for winning the Best Investing Blog.

Christian Common Cents shares some information regarding the Nashville flood.

This week My Money Blog announced Commission-free Vanguard ETF trades in Vanguard Brokerage Accounts.

Trent at the Simple Dollar put together a fantastic list of free software.

Fiscal Fizzle shares his experiences Buying a Car from Hertz Rent2Buy.

Just in case you needed help with it, Frugal Dad offers 44 Ways to Ruin Your Financial Life By Age 30.

Fiscal Geek shows how to Stop Identity Theft with a Security Freeze.

Canadian Finance blog asks how much does it cost to raise a child?

Brad at Enemy of Debt shares an interview with a psychologist about money.

JoeTaxpayer asks the always interesting question – do you spend more with plastic?

Money Beagle shared how he saved money on vacation.

Jason at Redeeming Riches has an essential guide for first time home buyers.

Consumerist Commentary reveals how he earns a side income from blogging.


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Best of Money Carnival

Tax Carnival

Yakezie Carnival (from last week)


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