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All of us desperately need giving heroes

We need to hear about the generous things people are doing.  In those stories, God can helps us to become more generous.  We don’t often get to hear those stories because we don’t want our left hand to know what our right hand is doing :).  However, here at MH4C, we’ll use this anonymous format to share encouraging giving stories.

If you have a story to submit, please email it to Craig at mhforc at  If you want to learn more about Friday giving stories, click here.

Does $5 Matter to God?

giving This giving story was submitted by an MH4C reader.

Just witnessed a beautiful thing this week, showing that giving truly is from the heart.

January 12, my nonprofit’s Senior Activity Center and Meals on Wheels kitchen had a fire, forcing us to temporarily relocate our services until we can raise the support to make the necessary repairs.  The damage was close to $100,000, but only about $35,000 will be covered through insurance.

Tuesday, I was making a presentation at a low income housing complex, letting people know of all of the different services we provide and how we can try and help them during periods of crisis in their lives.  As I was describing the different programs, I explained what all we do through Meals on Wheels and through our Senior Activity Center. 

I then informed them about the fire and that we were working on raising funds to repair, but in the meantime, they would need to go to our temporary location for the services.

After the presentation, a lady came up to me and said "Your organization has helped me over the years at different times when I have been in distress.  I want to do what I can to help you during your need." She gave me a $5.00 bill.

As a professional fundraiser, I have seen many generous gifts. And while $5.00 is a drop in the bucket of a $100,000 need, it is the beauty of that gift that makes me understand a generous heart and makes this one of my most favorite acts of philanthropy to have been a part.  Here is a lady living in low income housing, with no car, and struggling day to day to make ends meet.  And she shares what she can to help others. 

Ever heard of the Widow’s Mite?

SF, thanks for submitting this story.  It is a beautiful reminder of the Truth of 2 Cor. 8:12.

For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.

If you have a giving story you want to share (something you’ve done or something some has done for you), then send it to mhforc at gmail dot com.


  1. Marie says

    I heard a touching story on the radio this week from a woman whose family reached out to a homeless man in their area and always brought him food, with special meals on the holidays. The husband became friends with the man.

    Then the husband lost his job, and one day he didn’t have any food to bring. He stopped by and said, “I don’t have any food today, but I just wanted to say ‘hello.’” He went into a gas station nearby and when he came out, the homeless man was gone, and there was a note on the card that said, “Thank you.” Inside the card was $100. The homeless man had known about the husband losing his job, and had saved up this money to give to his friend.

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