Giving Stories & Generous Christians Hunt + Roundup

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LogoMH4C As you may or may not know, I’m writing a book. 

Actually, I’m doing more than writing a book.  I’m touching on the fringes of a breakthrough.  I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but I feel like I’m hot on the trail of getting a firm grasp of a financial call for Christians who want to take the next step towards generosity.  The writing and preparation process has been extremely rewarding.

Anyway, I want to interview (via email or phone) some generous Christians.  Are you one such Christian?  Do you know a Christian who exemplifies generosity?

Specific Criteria:

  • Those who are not necessarily high income earners (but they can be), but give a substantial amount of their time or money to others.
  • Those who intentionally do without for the sake of others.
  • Those who are above average givers.
  • Those who live at a standard of living well below what their income would permit.

If you know someone like that, could you see if I could interview them either by phone or email?  If you’ve made some serious steps toward generosity, could you let me know?  Yes, they can be anonymous, if they wish.  Please forward any contact information and details to mhforc at gmail dot com.

Before I get into the roundup, I want to let you know that Len Penzo from Len Penzo dot com is giving away $100 to a reader.  Click here to learn more.

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