Do You Give a Dollar Amount or a Value Amount for Christmas?

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I’m going to be doing my roundup in a moment, but I want you to think about something first.

My wife and I set a Christmas budget.  We designated a certain number of dollars we will spend on each person in our family.  But, I realized recently there is another option.

Let’s say I budget $20 to buy a gift for my dog (I don’t, but just for the sake of this example, let’s say I do).

But during the Thanksgiving holiday they have a dog pedicure set for 75% off and I get a $30 gift for $7.50.  Should I then feel obligated to buy Boss (that’s my dog) another gift that is $12.50, or should I be content that I got my dog a gift that is valued at more than my budget?

I have three thoughts that rattle around in my mind:

  • What Would Jesus Do?  That question always pops into my mind when I’m trying to make a decision.  However, I’m guessing he probably didn’t buy Christmas presents, and I don’t think he would ever buy one for a dog.
  • What would the recipient like?  I guess the only thing that matters is if the person who gets the gift can spot the scam or not.
  • Am I frugal or cheap?

In the end, we’re going to stick to the dollar budget and buy more if we get a good deal.  What about you?

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  1. Rena says

    Since my kids are going to University and they have mostly needs (ie clothes) with a few requests for Christian music on their lists, I go with the $ amount. This means that even so I tell them I’m not spending a lot of money on them this year, they always say that they get so much! I go to the christian bookstore on the day that they have all CD’s on sale for $13.99 plus all the clothes have been on sale or with buy 2 get 1 half off (great when u have 2 daughters!)

  2. says

    It depends! If the dollar is way under the value (like your example), I would find something else to complete my dollar budget. If the difference is not that big, let’s say a 10%, then I it is just a little bit of saving for me. Although if I find something else that the person would like and is pretty cheap, than I might add it knowing it won’t cost me more than expected.

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