Free Financial Check Up Questionnaire

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This free download will help you find out exactly where you are financially.

You cannot get to where you’re going until you first know where you are – that sounds like something profound someone once said.  If they didn’t, then I’ll take credit for the phrase.

One of the best parts of this check up is that both the husband and wife complete the information.  It will help you know if you’re both on the same page.


  • 11 questions focused on helping your honestly evaluate your financial condition
  • Grading Key
  • 4 brief recommended action items based on your ‘financial health’.

Download the Financial Check Up now – [download id="10"]

Can you spare 5 minutes for a quick survey?

I really hope you can take advantage of this free product.  If you get the form and it is helpful, can I ask you to help me?  (Even if you don’t download the document I could sure use your help.)  Could you please complete a 5 minute survey?  The results will help me get some valuable feedback, and as a result I can continue to offer you the best possible material.

Complete the survey now.

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